12 Questions to Determine if You’re a Useful IDIOT

ELDER PATRIOT – This test only applies to those voters who consider themselves to be conservative.  Liberals and Progressives are already known to be useful idiots.

  1. What is the name of your representative to the U.S. Congress?
  2. How many times did your representative vote to raise the debt ceiling?
  3. Of the times your representative voted to raise the debt ceiling what was the total amount of the new debt he authorized?
  4. As a taxpayer how much of the new debt is your responsibility and how much have you voted to pass on to your children and grandchildren?
  5. What is the current amount of U.S. debt and how much of it is your responsibility?
  6. Has the plight of Blacks improved in the fifty years since the Welfare Act passed?
  7. How much money has the government spent on assisting the poor over the past fifty years?
  8. Do you think emphasizing the importance of a college education is a government plot to have parents pay for their children’s indoctrination into left-wing ideology?
  9. Do you think the lives of a few caribou on Alaska’s North Shore are more important than the lives of our young men and women stationed in the Middle East?
  10. Do you know that thousands of years of historical data shows that there is no correlation between carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere and global temperature?
  11. Do you care more about the opportunities available to your children or to those of immigrants?
  12. Do you know that the Republican controlled Congress had the ability to stop every Obama initiative since 2010?