13-Year-Old Black Conservative has BRUTAL Question For Obama About MUSLIM Clock-Maker

VIA| President Obama’s swift response to the 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed is the latest case of actions speaking louder than words to demonstrate our president’s priorities and agenda. In response to President Obama’s public invitation to the White House to Mohamed, we posed the question yesterday, “How many children of slain law enforcement officers has President Obama invited to the White House?” Clearly, this struck a nerve with many of you, judging by the near 100,000 ‘likes,’ 17,000 comments and nearly 67,000 shares.

BTW, here’s the clock that caused the kerfuffle — how could anyone possibly mistake it for a bomb?


And now, right after the White House welcomed Black Lives Matter representatives — yep, the same folks chanting for the deaths of police officers — 13-year-old CJ Pearson has another tough message for President Obama.

I’d say this 13-year-old pretty much summed up what so many of us have been feeling and saying.

How’m I gonna respect you if you don’t respect the innocent people who lost their lives because of your incompetence?

I’m sick and tired of it and I think the American people are too.

Once again, CJ, well said!