ROMNEY WORDSWORTH – The Ruling Beltway Elite is in full scorched earth panic mode.  Ground is being laid to short circuit or invalidate the vote of the Electoral College, long considered a mere formality to carry out the will of the voting public.  Here are the 14 signs that DemocRats are looking for any desperate excuse to keep Donald J. Trump from taking office:

#1 A group of 10 presidential electors has sent a letter to National Intelligence Director James Clapper asking to be briefed on Russian efforts to interfere in the election in November.  This group is being led by Nancy Pelosi’s daughter Christine.

#2 The Clinton campaign is publicly supporting the effort to arrange for the members of the Electoral College to be given an “intelligence briefing” on Russian interference in the election before they cast their votes.

#3 White House spokesman Josh Earnest claims that Donald Trump “called on Russia to hack his opponent” and that Trump “benefited from malicious Russian cyberactivity”.  While an outlandish, unsubstantiated claim, it could be used by Barack Obama to justify an official assassination order against Donald Trump.

#4 Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has announced that he supports an investigation into “Russian election interference”.

#5 On Sunday, U.S. Senators Chuck Schumer, Jack Reed, John McCain and Lindsey Graham announced that they very much desire to see an investigation into Russian interference in the election.

#6 U.S. Representative David Cicilline is urging electors to consider the “extent that foreign interference in the United States presidential elections may have influenced the final result” before they cast their votes.

#7 U.S. Representative Jim Himes is calling Donald Trump “a danger to the republic” and is publicly encouraging members of the Electoral College to vote for someone other than Donald Trump on December 19th. 

#8 Time Magazine is openly lobbying for members of the Electoral College to vote for someone other than Donald Trump on December 19th.

#9 The former acting director of the CIA has boldly proclaimed that Russian attempts to alter the outcome of the election in November were “the political equivalent of 9/11″.

CNN Lies

#10 Former CIA agent Bob Baer recently went on CNN and publicly called for a new election if it can be shown that the first election was not legitimate due to Russian interference.

#11 Former CIA operative and erstwhile presidential candidate Evan McMullin says that Donald Trump is “not a loyal American” because his views are not anti-Russian enough.

#12 The Huffington Post is touting a 1995 federal court ruling as a precedent that could be used to take the presidency from Donald Trump and hand it to Hillary Clinton if a court finds that Russian interference altered the outcome of the election.

#13 Hillary Clinton’s Communications Director Jennifer Palmieri is now claiming that a “foreign state” tried to hack her Gmail account just days before the election.

#14 Barack Obama has ordered the intelligence community to gather all of the evidence that it can find of Russian interference in the election and to deliver that evidence to him before he leaves office.

The Recount campaign of Jill Stein backfired.  The attack on conservative media must be seen within the context of a larger, more sinister campaign to control information that the American people have access to, so that there is no counter-narrative to the current propaganda campaign against Trump.

The truth is that the F.B.I. and the Director of National Intelligence have disavowed the allegations made by some quarters of the C.I.A. regarding an alleged Russian hack.  Further, even if the Russians were behind the Wikileaks release of internal DNC and Clinton campaign emails, this was merely good journalism that made the American electorate more informed.  Hacking the DNC email system is NOT the same thing as hacking “an election”.  The DNC and the Clinton campaign have never disputed the veracity of the leaked emails.  Giving the American electorate access to the truth is not undue “interference” in an election.

So now the Left, the Beltway Elites, and the New World Order, have settled on trying to accuse Donald Trump as being a foreign agent of Russia, and therefore a traitor to be disposed of before he can take office.