18 Photos That Are Simply Fascinating

VIA| The Internet is incredible. It has something that will appeal to everyone. It’s always there for you, it’ll always answer your questions and it never fails to entertain.

There’s nothing better than pictures, and luckily for us, the internet is full of extraordinary photos with all sorts of magnificent stories. These 18 pictures are extremely fascinating and there will most likely be one image that you can’t get out of your head for a while after.

1. A skull from the Civil War. Fatal wound inflicted by exploding 12 pound artillery shell


2. Picasso’s “Women of Algiers (Version O)”: The most expensive painting every sold at an auction was sold for $179,4MM


3. The South Pole Telescope

845935474. The original burned Vader helmet from Episode VI


5. Spider catches bee, bee stings spider and they both die with the bee’s stinger still in the spider


6. Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant holding a dove that flew onto his hand during a concert in 1973


7. This flagstick at a golf course in Utah was hit by lightening


8. B.B King plays one of his first Lucilles in his 20s (1950s)


9. Wind driven sphere of bamboo and biodegradable plastic designed to clear land mines

8459355310. The 1959 Bowden Spacelander, possibly the coolest bike ever created


11. Lava hitting the ocean


12. Actress Sophia Loren, ca. 1960s


13. Part of the reason for fingerprint identification


14. The uniforms for the Canadian Supreme Court makes the judges look like Santa Clauses in training


15. Sikh in New Zealand removes turban to cradle injured baby’s head


16. The International Space Station just got a new projector screen. They’re using it to watch the film “Gravity”


17. Alex Trebek’s perspective while hosting “Jeopardy”


18. It almost looks like an elephant reaching for a ball, do you see it?


What would we do without the internet? We would miss out on so many incredible pictures and stories. If you’d like more pictures that will fascinate you.