3 AIRMEN Ride Down The Escalator. When She Looks Up? My Jaw DROPPED!

VIA|  Ben Dellucca told his girlfriend, Robin, that he wouldn’t be able to welcome her home from her most recent deployment in Afghanistan.

While Robin was undoubtedly sad at that fact, she accepted it with total understanding. She’s a proud airman in our nation’s air force, and even though she hasn’t seen her fellow airman boyfriend, she realized that duty to the country always comes first.

So as she got off the airplane that returned her to her hometown, she wasn’t expecting any big fanfare, nor any huge surprise from her loved ones.

Robin picked up her baggage and began to roll through the sprawling airport. As she began her escalator descent towards the exit, she suddenly seemed to recognize someone in the crowd.

A nervous Ben, stood there in his full dress uniform, with a shy grin on her face welcoming her home. She instantly burst into tears of joy and hugged him despite his little white lie that he wouldn’t be there!

With full permission from his superiors, Ben made the long journey home just so he could welcome back his brave girlfriend!

While most stories would end there, this one has a bit of a twist. Ben began to nervously mutter how much Robin meant to him, but when he finally got through his words, he surprised everyone by dropping to his knee in order to ask the most important question of his life.

Ben is undoubtedly incredibly brave and has seen a lot of things that would make most normal people run away, but this was probably one of the scariest moments of his entire life! “Will you marry me?” he clearly said with full confidence.

Please watch this touching video to see what her answer is!