#1.  Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder

This rare disorder in women leaves sufferers in a constant state of arousal, leading to over 100 orgasms every day.  Triggers are often sudden and unpredictable.  While an orgasm provides temporary subsidence in arousal, this will only last for a short time before feelings of arousal return, preventing those afflicted of being able to lead normal lives, or even doing every day activities outside the home like driving, shopping, or holding a job.  One sufferer reported that her orgasms were often triggered by the slightest of external stimuli, such as standing near stereo speakers and feeling bass vibrations, or wearing stiletto heeled shoes. 


#2.  Sexual Frustration Syndrome

In the 19th century, an amazing 75% of women were plagued with an illness that caused anxiety and irritability.  This illness was formally recognized in the medical profession as “hysteria”, but today would be diagnosed as mere sexual frustration.  Because female sexual arousal was frowned upon in Victorian society as a sign of immorality, the condition was deemed to be a medical problem rather than a sexual one.  Patients could seek treatment by seeing a doctor who would administer a “manual genital massage” until the patient reached orgasm.  Doctors of the day hated having to do the procedure, complaining that it was “laborious and time consuming”.  Apparently, doctors back then made bad lovers, and even worse businessmen:  They could have charged by the hour, like prostitutes do!  Ironically, it was the Medical Establishment’s loathing of having to treat hysteria patients that led to the invention of mechanical vibrators as a form of “self- medication”.   Needless to say, both sides on the doctor-patient relationship were much happier.

15 Oct 2006, Alwar, India --- Bhangarh is a uninhabited city, built in the 1500s by the Jaipur royal family.  It is now used as a yoga and meditation retreat. --- Image by © Luca Tettoni/Corbis
15 Oct 2006, Alwar, India — Bhangarh is a uninhabited city, built in the 1500s by the Jaipur royal family. It is now used as a yoga and meditation retreat. — Image by © Luca Tettoni/Corbis

#3.  Yogasm Syndrome

According to a study by Indiana University (your tax dollars at work!) a full 20% of women who practice yoga experience an orgasm while doing so.  Orgasms are most often achieved while performing Kundalini, a form of deep, meditative yoga designed to lead to a spiritual awakening (well, something gets awakened, apparently).  Female Yoga practitioners claim to have a “full body orgasm”, rather than a mere genital climax, from Kundalini.  Kundalini involves a series of techniques that focus on deep and rapid breathing (sounds more like the result of an orgasm to me).


#4.  Uncontrollable Sneezing During Sex

Some men and women can suffer from a strange condition that leaves them in a fit on uncontrollable sneezing during and after achieving an orgasm.  This neurological disorder was first documented in 2008.  The condition is caused by a genetic flaw, which causes the nerves that control sneezing and orgasms to become entangled and crossed in response to neural impulses.  This may be due to the fact that both the nose and the genitals are partially composed of the same sort of erectile tissue.  For those with the affliction, their erectile tissue becomes engorged with blood during orgasm in the same way that genital erectile tissue does.


#5.  Post Genital Orgasms

While orgasm is most commonly achieved through genital stimulation, certain amputees and quadriplegics have developed the ability to achieve an orgasm after the loss of their genitals, or when all nerve connections to their genitals from the brain have been severed.  In these cases, the brain is able to retrain the nervous system to transfer orgasm trigger spots to different areas of the body.  Spine injury patients, in particular, have demonstrated this ability.  In 2004 a quadriplegic man was able to achieve an orgasm just from sucking his thumb, for instance.  In the 1950’s, medical professionals documented the case of a woman was found capable of reaching orgasm from having her eyebrows stroked.  This phenomenon was dramatized in the 1972 film Deep Throat, starring Linda Lovelace.