7/17/15 Exposing Mainstream Media Reporting: Tying Itself in Knots Daily To Advance The Progressive Agenda

ELDER PATRIOT – Who would’ve thought that a man named Mohammod Youssuf  Abdulazeez might commit an act of terrorism?  That’s not the picture the New York Times is painting, though.  Theirs is one of “an all-American boy, handsome and polite, normally in a T-shirt and jeans.”  The Times wants further investigation before they’re prepared to label this an act of terrorism.  By the time they get around to labeling him a terrorist the story will be mostly forgotten.  Their goal of minimizing the very real threat of terrorism that Middle-Eastern immigrants bring with them will be successful.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the Times reserved similar judgment when describing the perpetrators of mass shootings?  Instead, they’re immediately identified as “possibly belonging to “right-wing extremist” groups.”  Invariably, they turn out to be disgruntled liberals whose minds have been twisted by psychotropic drugs.

Mainstream media reporting on Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump seeks to paint him as anti-Hispanic.  He’s not.  His goal is to shut down illegal immigration and, in the process, put an end to the unnecessary pain and suffering of their victims and families.  Listen to the words of Lupe Moreno whose nephew, Ruben Morfin was gunned down at the tender age of 13 by an illegal alien:

“Our children are dying every day. They’re being raped. They’re being brutalized.” 

Moreno’s sister had gone to Capitol Hill 20 years ago to appear before Congress.  Her testimony those many years ago was intended spur legislative action against those entering the United States illegally.  They’re still grieving, and they’re still waiting.

Moreno voiced her gratitude to Trump for willingly broaching the politically sensitive subject. The pain of her loss etched in her face these twenty years later was evident as she scolded the reporters in the room for failing to adequately cover the deaths or describe the perpetrators’ legal status

“You’re not helping at all; those other candidates aren’t helping, either. I wish they had the cojones of our forefathers.”

It might be worth noting how many jobs Trump has created for the Hispanic community on his job sites, in his hotels and restaurants, and on his golf courses.  Whatever that number may be it exceeds the total of the rest of the blowhards running against him have created by exactly that amount.

Just so you realize the disdain your government holds you in as they relentlessly push us into the multicultural abyss, the U.S. Census Bureau acknowledges that 100,000 Muslim immigrants are welcomed here every year legally.  They claim this is the fastest growing block coming into the United States.

The FBI as well as sanctuary states attest to the growth of radicalized communities among this immigrant population.  The threat their presence poses to other United States citizens justifies gutting the Bill of Rights in the minds of our political leaders.  Another example of the government breaking your leg then wanting credit for the crutch they make you pay for.

BTW, the fastest growing block of immigrants are Hispanic but they aren’t counted because they’re here illegally.

Another Clinton scandal has been exposed.  Hillary donor, Claudio Osorio’s company, InnoVida, bilked investors out of $40MM and defrauded U.S. taxpayers out of $10MM.  Bill Clinton helped arrange Osorio’s loan from the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) to fund a Haiti housing project.  As with many of the friends Bill has helped, they end up in prison while Bill shrugs and moves on.

OPIC is an independent government agency that works closely with and submits its annual budget requests to the State Department.  At the time of the loan application to OPIC was submitted Hillary Clinton was running the State Department.  An internal OPIC memo said Hillary Clinton was prepared to marshal State Department resources to assist with the donor’s project.

The Clintons have been associated with so many scandals surrounding their donors that it’s become obvious they have been using the U.S. treasury as their personal piggy bank.  The quid pro quo is always sizeable campaigns contributions in return.

It speaks volumes that Hillary remains the frontrunner among Democrat candidates.

The person likely to replace Hillary as the Democrat’s presidential nominee, if the rank and file ever wake up from their ideological fog, is Martin O’Malley.  The press has been fawning over him since he bared his chest on multiple occasions displaying an admirable six-pack.  O’Malley is currently advocating a $15 per hour national minimum wage.  That is sure to help suffering main-street businesses recover.  Not!  Perhaps O’Malley isn’t aware that main-street employs 75% of America’s workers.  Of course, none of these facts appear in any stories about Martin the Magnificent.

While Obama touts his deal to allow Iran to nuclearize we should be asking ourselves whose side is he on?  He didn’t even secure the release of four American hostages in exchange for throwing our Middle East allies under the bus.  Instead the media serves as his mouthpiece warning Congress to keep their hands off his surrender, er, treaty.  What were Americans thinking when they elected a completely un-vetted and little known Illinois senator by the name of Barack Hussein Obama to be their president during this period Islamic terrorism?