911 Dispatcher Receives HORRIFIC WRNING For Police

VIA| A 911 dispatcher in Aurora, Colorado, got a call last Sunday she probably won’t soon forget when a “male voice” made death threats against law enforcement officers before threatening to shoot officers caught by “their selves.”

The caller, threatening Sheriff’s deputies as well, may have been upset over being recently evicted from a residence as he claimed deputies were “evicting innocent people.” (Note to caller: deputies cannot evict residents willy-nilly. A judge must review the eviction request and make sure that the landlord has a legal basis for the eviction and the tenant has the option to appear in court to contest the eviction…just sayin’).

Bretibart noted that indeed, later that night, “Aurora police were called to a scene where they were shot at by unknown assailants. Police are still investigating the incident and have not determined whether the threatening call and the shooting were connected.”

Sadly, this is just the latest in a long string of attacks and threats on police officers.

“The threats are being seen by some as part of a wave of anger directed at police nationwide. Denver police Detective Nick Rogers told Fox31, “It’s going on nationally. It’s going to come here. There’s nobody that’s immune to it. Nobody in law enforcement.”

“People make threats to police all the time, but very rarely do we get anything involving folks wanting to shoot at the police,” Aurora Police Association President Bob Wesner told Fox31.

The 911 threat comes over the same weekend anti-police graffiti turned up in various locations across the country. In Houston, Texas emoji-style images of a policeman with a gun aimed at his head have been spray painted in locations around the city.


Also over the weekend, graffiti reading “F–k the police” was found in several locations around the city of San Antonio. The same message has been appearing as graffiti in Lakeville, Minnesota for the past two weeks.

Police in Webster, NY were alerted Saturday about graffiti spray painted on the street which read, “Kill the cops, WPD.”

While the reporter in the video above says police fatalities are actually down this year, according to the Officer Down Memorial Page, 83 officers have died in 2015 in the line of duty. In contrast, according to Statista,the number of American military personnel killed in action in Afghanistan so far this year is EIGHT.

Folks, despite the fact that President Obama wants to call our war against terrorism an “overseas contingency operation,” it is nonetheless a war. And despite the fact he remains almost completely silent about the stalking and killing of the nation’s home front warriors, we are nonetheless in a war, on our own turf. President Obama wants you to believe war is about the global temperature, polar ice caps, and jumbo size soft drinks, but the families of 83 cops know better and so do I.