A Boy Texted A Girl Asking To See Her In Her Bra, Her Dad Replied In Epic Fashion

VIA| The avenue for chatting someone up has developed over the years. Face to face seems to be long gone, originally replaced by the MSN/Habbo Hotel phase, then regular texting stepped in and finally we’re in the WhatsApp/Facebook messenger era. However, one thing that remains constant is the tireless requests for nudes.

ad5be7a0-f633-4e83-b34b-cf4070e98585From personal experience, I’ve genuinely been asked for a picture of my boobs before someone has even asked what music I’m into or how many siblings I’ve got; come on, at the very least, put in the leg work guys.

This unfortunate boy made the mistake of asking the wrong girl for a bra shot because her dad managed to intercept the text and his reply was beyond brilliant for us to enjoy but I’m sure the boy wasn’t as amused.



That’s definitely not the beard you expect when you ask a girl to see her boobs and I think it’ll be a long while before the boy on the receiving end of this picture message will be requesting any nude shots.