VIA| A seventh-grader named Jonathan recently boarded his bus to school when another student started making fun of his sneakers and calling him names like “fat” and “stupid.” Jonathan put on his headphones to block out the noise and went on with his day — but on the bus ride home, the bullying got more severe. Another student started punching him — breaking Jonathan’s glasses, splitting his lip and leaving bruise marks on his face.

Jonathan attends Lincoln School, a special education school in Cranford, NJ. He is a high-functioning autistic child who struggles with self-control — but on this day, he made a lot of people proud.

When the EMT’s from the Linden Fire Department arrived at the scene, they called Jonathan’s mom and drove the boy home so he didn’t have to ride the bus. During the ride, the EMTs made Jonathan so comfortable that he shared his diagnosis with them, along with his hopes for the future. The EMTs dropped him off at home and drove off… but little did Jonathan know, that wouldn’t be the last time he saw his heroes.

Later that night, the EMTs came back to his house, bringing with them an unforgettable surprise that Jonathan never saw coming…
On a recent bus ride home from school, a bully verbally abused Jonathan before breaking his glasses and splitting his lip. Jonathan is a high-functioning autistic child who struggles with self-control — but on this particular day, he showed amazing restraint and chose not to retaliate.



The EMT’s from the Linden Fire Department drove Jonathan home so he didn’t have to ride the bus. Later that night, those same EMTs came back to his house with a special surprise. Mom snapped photos of her son excitedly rushing down the stairs to greet his heroes.
These incredible men presented Jonathan with an American flag for showing restraint while being bullied. When they drove Jonathan home, he had also expressed interest in joining the military someday.

The EMTs also gave Jonathan a T-shirt that says, “Your Mother’s Favorite Firemen,” but that’s not all…

…They also used their own money to buy Jonathan a brand new pair of sneakers. “That’s all for you for being such a great kid, for keeping your cool, for not losing it, and for being the better person,” the men tell Jonathan in the video below.
“Thank you (department members) Brian Paster, Hilda N Jose Espinal and the entire Linden Fire Department for your generosity, and community service! You are truly heroes in my book!” Jonathan’s mother, Hope, wrote on Facebook.

As for Jonathan, he now has a powerful message to the bully who hurt him: “I would like to tell that student that I forgive him, and would like to be his friend. My Mom and I talked yesterday, and would like to invite the student who did this to dinner with us, so that he can see that we are not different, just because we look different.”

I would like to take a moment to thank the Linden Fire Department for their generosity. Earlier today my son Jonathan Moran was assaulted on his school bus, he suffered minor injuries to his face, lips and mouth, it seemed to initiate with a he said she said type thing, that I am told Jonathan ignored, this apparently transpired on the morning bus ride to school. On the afternoon bus ride the student called Jonathan a “Cracker” and then proceeded to punch him in the face. For those of you that don’t know, Jonathan is high-functioning Autistic child. He struggles with self control and in the past would have not been able to maintain control in a situation of this type. He did, he did not retaliate, he did not say or do a thing and I could not be prouder! Linden Fire Department responded to the incident, and would not return Jonathan to the bus, and instead drove him home to me, as his injuries did not require an ER visit. During the ride the EMT’s were chatting with Jonathan and Jon shared his diagnosis with them and also some of his hopes and dreams for the future. Linden Fire Department just returned to my home and this happened. #bullying #autism #equality Thank You Brian Paster, Hilda N Jose Espinal and the entire Linden Fire Department for your generosity, and community service! You are truly heroes in my book! #WayToGoJonathan#AutismSpeaks All future information or changes to information will be posted on Jonathan Moran page.

Posted by Hope Moran on Thursday, October 8, 2015

These firemen didn’t have to put out a fire to become heroes that day. Watch the touching video recorded by Jonathan’s mom, and please SHARE it with your friends on Facebook!

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