A Cop Went Up To This "Scary" Man On The Bridge, What I Saw Gave Me CHILLS

VIA| There’s an evil that exists that seeks the souls of men and women alike. It seeks to destroy and end life, and we must fight for life and not give in to that darkness.

Unfortunately, many people find themselves dealing thoughts of suicide. There’s not much known about this man or the circumstances in his life that lead him to this point. What we do know is is that this day was not his day to die.

A Raleigh, North Carolina officer was on his way home when he saw this man sitting on the wrong side of the bridge. Off duty or not, he knew he had to stop and help anyway he could.

We see him approach the man, and although there’s no audio of what was said, he was able to establish a rapport with him. The man was there just waiting for someone to care about him, to tell him it wasn’t his time yet. The officer brought him back from the other side, and they embraced.


This world has a way of making us feel like we’re alone, and that’s a tragic lie. We’re never truly alone. If you need help, there’s always someone you can talk to.