A GENIUS Just Figured Out How To Take The Perfect Dog Selfie And It’s PERFECTION!

VIA| Unfortunately my dog is a lazy ass and pretty unimpressed by balls of all shapes and sizes (even though she’s a girl) but if she was a normal canine like the rest of your pets then I would buy this invention immediately.

The ‘Pooch Selfie’ is the answer to all your pet photo woes. The concept is so unbelievably simple I can’t believe it wasn’t invented sooner.

The dog struggle is real. You sit them in the perfect position, get the camera out and as soon as the flash is about to go off they move. 


Do not fear everybody, the Pooch Selfie (a kickstarter campaign) is here to end your photo taking woes…


…and ensure that you and your canine friend will always take the perfect picture. 


The invention is simple, place the attachment on the top of your phone and insert a ball to hold their attention. 


Hey presto you’ve got yourself the perfect family portrait. 


What a bloody brilliant creation, just make sure your precious pooch doesn’t mistake your photo taking session for a game of fetch because that can only end one way and dogshaming will follow.