A NEW LAW Plans To FINE Anyone Caught SAGGING THEIR PANTS, Do You Support This Law?

VIA|  In some towns, walking down the street you will find young men dressed in a particularly unsavory way – with their pants hanging halfway off of their bodies, exposing everyone around to their boxer shorts or worse.

It is causing such a problem in Jefferson Davis Parish in Louisiana that they have now passed a law that effectively bans anyone from walking around with their pants halfway down – something that is sure to cause quite a stir.

Those caught in violation of this new law will be fined 50 dollars for the first offense and then 100 dollars each time after that. Locals are hoping that this law will help to stop this disturbing fashion trend that is still spreading even though it has an “interesting” origin.

Steve Eastman was the police representative interviewed about this new law, describing it’s roots to local media. Apparently the trend began in the 90’s after it was seen in jails. It was replicated by rappers and celebrities to imitate the “gangster” look, not knowing the true reason behind it’s popularity.

According to Eastman, the trend began so that prison inmates could indicate to each other a willingness to engage in sexual relations. So as people outside of prison began to copy the style, they had no idea that it had such an unsavory origin.

You would think that that information alone would discourage the style from appearing on the sidewalks all across the country, but unfortunately it continues to spread. And so this led to the new law in Louisiana, with other states quickly following suit.

Civil liberties groups have an obvious conflict of interest with this law, and so some have come forward in opposition of it’s passing – according to them, it specifically targets black men, making it unconstitutional. Unfortunately for them, it appears the law is here to stay.

Do you think this low-pants law goes against the constitution? Sound off in the comments!