A NURSE Was Watching TV When She SAW THIS On The Host’s Neck & IMMEDIATELY CALLED 911

VIA| 31-year-old registered nurse Ryan Read was flipping through the channels one day when she stumbled upon one of her favorite shows, HGTV’s Flip or Flop. Host Tarek El Moussa was just as bright and entertaining as ever,but Read noticed something strange on the man’s neck. As a nurse, she realized it was a lump – and a potentially cancerous one at that.

Not wanting to seem like a crazy fan, Read emailed the production company and told them to warn El Moussa about the potentially deadly health problem. That one email may have just saved the life of not only a television personality, but a father as well.


El Moussa heard the warning and decided to get the lump checked out by doctors, who quickly discovered that it was not harmless and did in fact contain cancer. What was supposed to be an hour surgery quickly turned into a four hour marathon, as doctors fought to remove all of the cancer from inside of his neck.

The nightmare didn’t end there, as doctors found the cancer had spread to his lymph nodes. After a treatment of radioactive iodine that left him unable to be near his daughter, Tarek finally received some good news last week.


“I was told that the cancer didn’t spread beyond my neck,” he told People. “I’m hopeful now. We’re filming a bunch of episodes and going on with life as best we can.”

Next week Tarek will find out if he is completely cancer-free, but until then keep this man in your thoughts and prayers.