ELDER PATRIOT – Terrorism is based on instilling fear in a population by radical extremists who are prepared, even anxious, to die for their cause in order to achieve a political end.  In the case of Radical Islam the gross number of terrorists represent a significant threat to entire populations that they have in their sights unless those peoples surrender their values entirely to Islam. 

There is only one way to dissuade people this radicalized and that is to make them aware that the repercussions that will be reigned down on those they love will be severe and wide-ranging.  Obviously, it’s too late to dissuade the two Islamic scumbags that shot up 35 innocent Americans earlier this week but it’s not too late to use them to send a strong message to others who would follow in their footsteps.  Perhaps carpet-bombing the entire city from which the wife came would get the message across that we have the cojones and resolve to escalate the war 100 fold or more if necessary.

Treating these Islamic warriors like criminal-murderers is a mistake.  They’re not.  They are part of an army of enemy combatants engaged in what has been a one-sided war against the people of the free world, to date.  Forget George Bush’s war to win hearts and minds.  We have seen what a dozen years of that has gotten us. 

Wars are only won for the long-term by destroying the enemy’s will to fight.  Two dead radicals in trade for 14 Americans is a trade the radicals will make every day of the week.  Two dead radicals here and 10,000 more in their hometown may give them pause to rethink their strategy.  That may not be pretty to contemplate but until we come to terms with what we’re facing and what President Obama and his compliant Congress continue welcoming into our country expect the events in San Bernardino to become more and more commonplace throughout our nation.   

There was a time when American leaders knew how to fight wars.  The Japanese of WW II were every bit the suicidal warriors that these cretins pride themselves on being but they folded like a cheap suit after we incinerated Nagasaki and Hiroshima.  That’s not pretty to contemplate but it saved over one million U.S. lives. 

War is ugly. Get used to that fact because in war either you survive or your enemy survives.  There is no middle ground as we are learning by trying to live on it, currently.  We accepted only unconditional surrenders from Germany and Japan and then rebuilt them in our image.  If the Islamic radicals were to win they have already assured us they would do the same to us – remake us in their image.

At the end of the day the people who they live among and claim to be peaceful practitioners of Islam must be made to prove that assertion by cleaning up their neighborhoods and turning in the radicals.  They must prove that they are actively engaged in making certain that Islam is a religion of peace.  When they don’t they leave us no choice but to remove all incentives for the terrorists to carry on.