A Patriot's Open Letter to President Obama

President Obama,

I will admit I was skeptical of you from the beginning.  Why my fellow countrymen would elect a man with the name of Barack Hussein Obama so soon after 9/11 baffled me.  You had a high bar to clear with me from the beginning.  That you did nothing – nothing – to assuage any fears that so many of my fellow Americans share with me in that regard leads me to write this letter.

You have refused to label Islamic extremists who kill innocent people as anything more than misguided murderers while at the same time referring to Judeo-Christian God-fearing Constitutional adherent Americans like I am as radicals who pose the greatest danger to America.

If America has become you and the worthless congress we sent to keep you in line, then, yes, I guess I am your greatest enemy. 

You have unlawfully and cavalierly invited your Muslim brothers into our country. Amongst them is the enemy who you refuse to acknowledge.  You know that.  You are not a stupid man.  No president of sound mind and good will towards those who elected him to protect them has ever or would ever do such a thing, yet you have ignoring the safety of America’s indigenous population including my children and grandchildren.

You have consistently moved to disarm us because of occasional “mass shootings” in our country.  To your reasoning I have only one question:  If you are funding Al Qaeda and ISIS to fight our troops overseas while they are fighting our troops, why shouldn’t I consider the possibility that the government you command is behind the mass shootings occurring here?  When it comes to advancing your communist agenda laws have meant nothing to you just as they have meant nothing to you in protecting our borders from untold invaders.

At this point, I do not care about geopolitical decisions to fund Al Qaeda and ISIS in the Middle East.  I only care about the safety of my family and friends here, on American soil.  If we learn anything from terrorist attacks it’s that the government is incapable of protecting us from them.  Only a man of evil intent and who fears his countrymen would seek to make us even more vulnerable in moments of crisis by confiscating our weapons.

Unfortunately for you, America isn’t you or your corrupt cronies in congress.  America remains Judeo-Christian, God-fearing, and hardworking with core values based on our Founding Principles in spite of your takeover of our education system, the mainstream media and the government.  Your attack on our culture is sickening and represents more than just a “policy” difference.  You have sought to divide us since we first met you.  You have been putting your thumb in the eyes of conservatives since before you were sworn into office.  We have not and will not forget.  Though we conservatives are a peace-loving group we are steeped in America’s heritage.  Our Founders’ blood runs through us.  And, that’s your problem.

What our Founders mutually pledged to each other, “their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor,” wasn’t a single generation oath.  Because of their will in defense of an ideal, they defeated the world’s strongest army.  I am confident that today’s military would stand down if you ordered them to move against us.  They despise you.  They volunteered to defend freedom.  Instead you have them defending despots.  All the pre-game ceremonies honoring them that are paid for by your Pentagon cannot erase their disgust with what you’ve turned them into.

You have sought to discredit the great Founder Thomas Jefferson but he forewarned us about tyrants such as you: “the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants. it is it’s natural manure.”

There are at least eighty million gun owners that are guided by Jefferson’s words, the same ideal that drove our revolutionary army in 1776, and the Constitution that you and your congressional stooges have chosen to ignore.  We represent an army that you will never defeat.  We will defend our right and our children’s right to liberty, safety, and economic opportunity even against your efforts to destroy those ideals.  I cannot think of anything you have done, with the assistance of your compliant congress that has advanced the goals of liberty, safety and economic opportunity during your 7 years in office. 

What happened in San Bernardino yesterday was predictable.  You are responsible for importing the terror there just as you will be responsible for any future attacks that may occur.  Just as predictable is the chance that this is the opening salvo in a full out terrorist assault on America.  Benjamin Netanyahu warned us.  You ignored him and marginalized him.  Your minions in congress applauded him but ultimately did your bidding making every American less safe in the process.  It matters little.  The light of truth is bright and illuminates the path of conservatives.

The Second Amendment guarantees that we can defend ourselves against the Muslim terrorists you insist on forcing into our neighborhoods against the will of the people you govern and beyond any common sense.  Because of you gun sales are at an all-time high.  Above all guns are not collectors’ items or for hunting or target shooting.  They are for protection.  Americans, in record numbers, are seeking to protect themselves from your dictatorial and overbearing governance.  If you come for our guns, with the intention of depriving us of the opportunity to prevent or mitigate future terrorist attacks, we will stand firm in resistance.  I’ll make that abundantly clear.  You will only get my guns by peeling them from my cold dead hands. 

Your followers didn’t listen when you told them you would “fundamentally transform” their country, or they were guided by their Marxist ideology.  We are not the useful idiots that they are.  We heard you loudly and clearly and we reject your plans for us in their entirety. 

Why discontents like you don’t leave this country for the Marxist havens you admire is a question that baffles me.  Why you’re not content letting Muslims live in half the world and leave us alone with our freedoms and prosperity is another question you won’t answer.  That you seek to transform our beautiful country into the worst of what the world to offer has means your place alongside the devil has been secured for eternity.

The spirit of Ronald Reagan still burns inside us: “Let us be sure that those who come after will say of us in our time, that in our time we did everything that could be done. We finished the race; we kept them free; we kept the faith.”   We will not let them down.

                                                                                                -ELDER PATRIOT