A White Man Gets Pulled Over by Black Cop; What Happened Next BLEW MY MIND!

VIA| There’s been a lot of news lately about the police, racial tensions, police-on-citizen violence, and horrible attacks against police officers. So when this story started bubbling up this weekend, it really caught our eye.

Mike Powers, a white man, was driving through the south when a black cop pulled him over for speeding. While we don’t know who Mike is personally, he does have 10,000 people who follow his postings on Facebook. This particular post was shared 663,000 times, and as you sit on his page you can see the “Likes” growing by the second. This was posted on September 2nd, but since then Mike and the police officer have been interviewed by various media outlets. First, Mike’s post: (We put in some line breaks to make it easier to read.)

Driving through Mississippi this morning I got pulled over for speeding. A huge black cop got out of the car. Mr. Olympia walked up and asked for my license and insurance. He came back, informed me I was speeding and handed me my ticket.

As he started to walk away I asked him how he’s handling everything and how the cops are feeling in Mississippi with all of the senseless killings this week throughout the country. He said “things are tough, but we’re hanging in there and just trying to do the right thing and keep people safe…but it’s scary”.

I told him “just so you know, a lot of people are standing with you all and respect the risks you take every day to keep us safe.”

I took my bracelet off and told him that I give these out to my family, friends, and military members who might need extra protection and that I hope it will keep him safe. Hetook the bracelet, put it on, and his eyes started to tear up. I saw how much pain and stress this man and his family were probably under. I teared up too. As he walked away he said “this means more than you can imagine”.

I came to find out my ticket was voided… so I’ll be donating the money to the “Palmer Home for Children” charity in Mississippi.

The Trooper is really named Jason Ales. He said to the Clarion-Ledger, “I actually thought about that the whole day, this guy… I told my brother and my wife about it. I pulled over in a church parking lot, trying to find a spot to put this bracelet in my patrol car, and I picked a place up high, and it reminds me I’m protected,” Ales said. “I know that the bracelet is not my protector — I know where my protection comes from — but that bracelet gives me some reminder every day.”

To his word, Powers did make the donation to the Palmer Home for Children. They sent him the photo below, which he now has posted as his cover photo on Facebook.