Absolutely DESPICABLE: Look What Mizzou 'Protestors' Tweeted About PARIS TERROR ATTACKS … SHAMELESS

VIA| As LTC West wrote this morning, “Here in the United States we are witnessing the theater of absurd, where kids on college campuses are demanding free tuition. We have these insidious marches about $15 minimum wage. We actually have individuals screaming that they have a right to not be offended.”

In the midst of all this, we have genuine terror being perpetrated on innocent people no matter what their color; vicious, brutal, death and destruction.

True monsters roaming the streets who wish you DEAD simply because you don’t worship they way they do, and who will carry out your execution without hesitation

No “micro-agressions.” No upsetting Halloween costumes. No “obsessive Christmas disorder” sweaters. No. Real death and dismemberment.

But back in the U.S. of A, that means nothing to the whiney champions of victimhood who last night demonstrated their completely immoral and twisted view of the world by posting tweets after the Paris attacks complaining the real death and destruction was taking attention away from their fake poop swastikas.

Hat tip to the always super Sooper Mexican for retrieving these screenshots from Mizzou protestors who had, on second thought, deleted their tweets. Two late, chuckleheads. You’re busted. And I’m disgusted. (scroll down).