After 10 Months Trump Has Completely Exposed Washington’s Despicable Insiders Club

ELDER PATRIOT – It’s now clear that the lone “outsider” in the race for the presidency is Donald Trump.  The current spat regarding the marital relations of Ted and Heidi and Donald and Melania has eliminated any suggestion that Ted Cruz is anything but a member of the D.C. club.

All sides have Trump in their crosshairs and have opened the Washington playbook to launch unseemly and in some cases illegal attacks on Trump.  That he has to date been successful in maintaining his lead advises us he just may be the tough-talking new sheriff we need who is strong enough to clean up the cesspool that has been festering for far too long on the Potomac.

Page one of the D.C. playbook calls for labeling the Republican front-runner misogynistic, homophobic, racist, xenophobic and the second coming of Adolph Hitler (if you don’t count every other Republican who has held or run for office since the end of WWII.)

There was only one problem.  None of Donald Trump’s past business or social associates had anything bad to say about him.  The only women and minorities that did come forward to discuss Trump spoke of him in the most glowing terms.

Then he was accused of being a hypocrite owing to the fact that he had the Trump clothing line manufactured abroad and that he had employed illegals in the past.  The people saw through this as well.  Mr. Trump was only playing by the rules that the Washington insiders he was running against had crafted and put in place.  That he took a stand against this even though it might cut into his profits in the future only lent to his credibility.  It also helped that his accusers have come to be viewed by the vast majority of Americans as the ultimate hypocrites that walk among us.

As it became apparent that Trump had more testosterone in his pinky finger than the four remaining Republicans who were sharing the debate stages with him it was decided to attack his masculinity head on.  Marco Rubio stepped forward to question his penis size.  It was the first of a series of increasingly personal attacks designed to provide the mainstream media with the red meat they would dutifully report in such a slanted manner so as to blame Donald Trump for the attacks.

As this was unfolding the Clinton camp became progressively concerned about Hillary’s chances of beating Trump in November.  Their campaign was based on constructing a Teflon shield around Mrs. Clinton and raising character questions about her eventual opponent. 

The Clintons longtime strategy of putting their scandals out in the open early and then spinning the story to a friendly media had served them well for a quarter century.  Now they were facing the prospect of an opponent who was as scandal tested as Hillary was with one exception, Trump’s scandals were manufactured by political opponents and lacked any veracity.

Next came the charges that Trump had made campaign contributions to the likes of Hillary Clinton, Andrew Cuomo, Chuck Schumer and other Democrats as proof that he was really a liberal in disguise.  That argument lost steam as soon as Mitt Romney opened his mouth to trash Trump.  Trump’s campaign contribution to Romney in 2012 alone dwarfed the amount of money he had directed to the Democrats.  Romney came off as an ingrate after a video was released that showed him accepting Trump’s check directly.  Romney went on to support three different candidates in three different states within the span of ten days.

Again, Trump was playing by the rules put in place by the political class.  When Trump first began building in Manhattan it would take up to ten years to have a project approved.  With some well placed political contributions Trump was able to shorten the approval process significantly making is profitable to pursue projects that would otherwise have been abandoned. 

Of course the same politicians criticizing Trump for this are only too happy to add pork to every piece of legislation to ensure their re-election and to enrich themselves, as well.

Next came Trump’s decision to rent the UIC Pavilion in Chicago to hold a rally.  The Clinton camp decided this was an opportunity to move against Trump.  Their ties to Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the fact that it was the site of Barack Obama’s political launching pad created the “accepting” environment they required to send in their paid agitators. 

Radical leftist groups were organized with the sole intent of violently engaging Trump’s supporters thereby giving the mainstream media the photo ops that would allow a depiction of Trump’s followers as one step removed from the Klan.  Trump wisely called off the rally when it became obvious that the Chicago Police Chief had woefully understaffed for what he knew was coming that night.  Then the police did their best to facilitate some violence when the decided to empty the arena before clearing the street of the paid agitators.

Supplying Bernie Sanders posters to the violent agitators was meant to provide Clinton with a two for one return on the money the evening cost her supporters like George Soros.

That Trump gave himself credit for the preventative action he took that night was depicted by the MSM as self-promotion.  Of course that was all that was left for Trump given that they tried to depict the event as an organic uprising by average Americans who felt threatened by Trump.  Cruz adopted the pre-planned reporting of that night by the MSM that it was Trump’s rhetoric that was the issue and not his First Amendment rights.

As Trump marched towards the 1237 committed delegates required to put an end to these shenanigans, the Republican Elites began viewing a Trump presidency as the likely outcome in November.  The end to the Left-Right paradigm that had been so carefully crafted by both parties in order to convince the people they had a choice during elections was now threatened by Trump. 

The media had been carefully protecting Ted Cruz as the other outsider and a less bombastic version of Trump himself.  Then it all fell apart. 

An anti-Trump PAC directed by Liz Mair ran an ad featuring a nude photo of Donald Trump’s wife.  When Ted Cruz chortled over it rather than disavowing it and calling it deplorable and off limits, Trump warned him in a tweet that his family wasn’t rooted in Nirvana either.

The MSM blamed Trump, of course.  But Cruz’s irate reaction had the stench of hypocrisy all over it.  The man who had perfected the use of underhanded political ploys to damage his opponents was about to foisted on his own petard.

As Cruz made the rounds on television trying his best to sound indignant and tough enough to do something about it, the National Enquirer ran a story declaring Cruz was a philandering hypocrite with at least five mistresses.

Cruz immediately blamed Trump but the irony was palpable.  Cruz had consistently denied having any hand in the despicable tactics his campaign had been employing by blaming others not under his control.  Now Trump was denying any involvement and the National Enquirer was confirming that there was no Trump involvement.

Cruz had threatened to sue Donald Trump a number of times in the past but he didn’t do that yesterday when challenging the veracity of the National Enquirer’s story.  Why not?  Why is he not salivating at the opportunity to depose both the Enquirer’s staff and Trump, an opportunity he had claimed he was relishing in the past when Trump challenged him on whether he was a natural born American citizen as the Constitution requires for presidential candidates.

Trump alone has exposed both major political parties as well as the mainstream media that reports on them for the sewer of lies, misrepresentations and broken promises that Washington has devolved into, a collection of men and women of failed character who, in their arrogance, believe they know what’s better for each of us than we do ourselves. 

The events of the past few days leave us with one candidate who might actually be different, a man who might have the integrity, strength of character, and resolve to change things if he were to be elected.  That he may talk tougher than some pansies prefer should not disqualify him so long as he backs his tough talk with the tougher actions we need to save our country.

The choice has become a clear one between the D.C. insiders who’s rip-off of the American people has been the most astounding theft in the history of the world, or a man who has spent his life turning messes into successes.

Trump has led us to the fountain of truth.  Now, it is up to us to drink from it.

That Trump has taken everything they have thrown at him and still commands the stage suggests he’s infinitely qualified for the challenges that lie ahead.  Let’s pray that Trump never becomes one of them.