Agitators That Follow Donald Trump The Face Of The American Left

ELDER PATRIOT – Try as they might, the mainstream media has been mostly unsuccessful in pushing the narrative that the agitators harassing Trump represent the larger population. That may be due to the fact that Americans have no way of identifying with this collection of losers, racist Black Lives Matter haters, and illegals that have been feeding from their wallets.

Enjoy the show that these miscreants have provided:

Logic? We don’t need no freakin’ logic:

And then this, ugh:

Americans have no interest in returning to the late sixties and early seventies when degenerates like these last held sway over the political debate. This is why Trump continues rising in the polls.

Oscar Wilde once wrote, “You can always judge a man by the quality of his enemies.”
If this is true, Donald Trump will prove to be a truly great president.