ROMNEY WORDSWORTH – Noted Christian author C.S. Lewis wrote in his famous work, The Screwtape Letters, the following about dealing with Satan:  “The best way of getting rid of the devil, if you cannot do it with the words of the Holy Scripture, is to rail at and mock him. He cannot bear scorn.”

In truth, Lewis probably got this idea from reading Martin Luther, who wrote of his personal experiences of being tormented by the devil.  Martin Luther wrote that when he couldn’t get rid of the devil with Holy Scripture and serious language, he had often expelled him by tart remarks and crazy jokes. And when he [the devil] tried to burden his [Luther’s] conscience, he would often tell him, “Devil, I’ve been doing it in my pants, have you smelled it and added this to your list of all my sins?” Again, he told him, “My dear Devil, should the Blood of Christ shed for my sins not have been enough, please do pray to God for me.” … For he is a proud spirit, and cannot bear scorn.


And so we turn to the pranksters at 4Chan, who have put out a series of photoshopped pictures of ISIS making them appear to be rubber ducks brandishing toilet brushes:

My interpretation of both the Bible and the koran lead me to one inescapable conclusion:  Satan created Islam to wage war on Christianity, and ultimately, the whole world.  The koran speaks about an “angel of fire” who pulls Mohamed’s bacon out of the fire, and saves his little band of caravan raiders and killers from being totally slaughtered by the forces of pagan Mecca and Medina.  After that, Mohamed and Islam spread like an unstoppable plague throughout the Christian Middle East, Christian North Africa (burning the Great Library of Alexandria), and ultimately invading and conquering Spain and destroying the Byzantine Empire (again destroying a great deal of antiquities in Constantinople) and were ultimately stopped only by the Winter at the gates of Vienna in  Eastern Europe and by Charles “The Hammer” Martel at the Battle of Tours in Southern France.

The final mission of Islam will be to provide the anti-Christ with an army to briefly rule the world.  That, by the way, seems to be proceeding on schedule, with Barack Obama doing everything in his power to make it happen.  So we are on solid theological ground when we equate ISIS to an army of Satan’s, and that we should do our utmost to mock and ridicule them.


Until and unless Islam forsakes violent, murderous Jihad as part of its faith and ideology, Islam will remain at war with the rest of humanity.  As long as Muslims raise their sons and daughters to blow up innocent children, we are right to do all we can to make a mockery of their blood thirsty religion, to marginalize them with scorn, and keep pointing out that slitting the throats of Jewish children is a mission from Satan, one that the rest of the civilized world is no longer willing to make excuses for.