AMAZING Cartoon Shows What OBAMA Has IN COMMON with Ronald REAGAN

VIA| My apologies for the sacrilege of not just mentioning President Obama’s name in the same breath as President Reagan’s, but even daring to suggest ANY comparison. But looking at the cartoon below, I think you’ll see what I mean.


While we once rallied behind a president who fought to bring down one of our nation’s greatest global threats, we now have one who’s actively working to bring down our own country. And doing so — quite effectively, I might add — both by bolstering those who wish to destroy us and shredding the very fabric of our nation from within.

It’s very sad truth indeed, reinforcing the urgency we all feel to get a real leader — one who loves our great republic to the core — back in the White House.

Until then, our choices are to laugh or cry… and sometimes, it’s just good to laugh.