America At The Tipping Point

ELDER PATRIOT – Since our country was settled, America’s greatness has always been grounded in the people’s willingness to set a new path as they, themselves, determined by their life experiences and common sense. They refused to be governed by the same oppressive monarchs as their European ancestors had been. And, when it came time to write a document that would guide the governance of the people, the men that they entrusted with the task memorialized the people’s right to determine for themselves their futures and that of their new country. That document, the Constitution, undergirded the spirit of the newly formed citizenry and guaranteed their freedom to become anything their minds could conceive and their abilities and work ethic could deliver. And, in less than two centuries, America ascended to greatness.

The underpinnings of our great democratic experiment had been an understanding that a powerful centralized government would eventually lead to tyranny. With the rise of liberalism that balance was redefined to being a delicate balance between government’s role in and its ability to help people in need, and the citizens rights to keep the product of their work for themselves.

Now simple liberalism has grown to give us nationally prominent politicians espousing every aspect of socialism. The leading candidate on one side, when asked the difference between her party’s platform and socialism had no answer. The other party, while feigning disgust at the ideology of socialism, has voted to fund every aspect of that agenda while possessing the power to do otherwise. In the process they will have burdened the American people with twenty-one trillion dollars of debt by the time this administration leaves office.

Whether those who oppose continuing America’s downward spiral know about the Cloward-Piven strategy to collapse our economy in order to institute a socialist system, or not, they know that America’s current trajectory cannot end well.

Today we are in a great public debate that is growing increasingly violent ostensibly because one candidate has eschewed politically correct speech in the process of challenging Washington’s globalist cabal and that has propelled his campaign into the lead. He alone defends America’s sovereignty, challenging the move towards a single global government that can only result in the loss of liberty and economic opportunity for the masses.

This is especially frustrating to the many young people who have spent sixteen or more years of their lives being indoctrinated by our schools into believing that government would take care of them only to learn that government will not be able to take care of them because it’s already achieved actuarial bankruptcy taking care of others.

So they are easily convinced to riot by organizers of the corporatist-globalist movement. And, in the process they support candidates who tell them what they want to hear rather than what they should’ve learned in school – that self-reliance is the only guarantee a person has. If this sounds similar to the Jihadists being spawned in the Middle East and elsewhere that is because it is.

Both the Jihadists and these rioters have been disenfranchised from economic opportunity by the leadership of their governments and have embraced radical ideologies – taught in madrassas and U.S. schools – and violence, as a result.

The convergence of the globalist’s agenda and a quasi-socialist system to be managed by a single international corporation is now evident and is growing increasingly nearer to becoming reality. The fact that one party has a significant number of its members willing to cede the election against the will of its voters – something that would spell the end of their party – to a person they have spent over a quarter century vilifying as evil incarnate suggests that moment may be very near.

America has reached its tipping point. Do we stand firm today in the face of this low level street-punk type violence in support of what we know is right or, do we cave to the useful idiots now and accept a lesser fate for our children or, in the alternative, be forced to fight another real and significantly more violent war of independence in the future?