America is Broken: Part 2

ELDER PATRIOT – Recently my son, with an expression mixed with sadness and exasperation observed of the American political system, ‘it’s so broken.”  His lack of hope for the future concerns me deeply.  We all recognize that our government is no longer working to protect the rights and opportunities of the people.  Focus group testing determines what our political candidates promise us during their campaigns.  Once elected, they vote in unison ignoring their campaign promises.  This series examines how we have allowed our collective resolve as a unified people to be weakened.




Would the rejection of the Ten Commandments as our moral compass necessarily lead to an immoral society?  Secularists contend man doesn’t require morality teachings to be honest with himself and in his dealings with others.  It’s worth noting that many of these same secularists have aggressively pushed for relaxing censorship laws regarding what we allow in our television content, print advertising and even availability to pornography.  Whether this extends each individual’s personal freedom is undeniable.  The larger question to be answered of whether this is good or bad for society will be left up to you to decide but, here are some dots to connect while you think about it.


The platform for the Secular-Left movement appears to be a manifestation of the Seven Deadly Sins:


  1. Pride, also known as Vanity, is the sin from which all others arise.  Pride separates man from his spiritual creator and creates in him a sense of all-knowing wisdom.  The media fosters this through sarcastic sound bites and dismissive expressions while consistently avoiding discussing issues with the depth they require for complete enlightenment.  This allows the disinterested and uninformed masses to avoid putting in the necessary work to understand each issue as they should and provides them with the belief that they are, indeed, properly informed.  They imagine themselves at the top of the intelligence pyramid making them susceptible to the other sins.
  2. Envy is the desire for other’s traits, status, abilities, or situation.  Envy is the basis for class warfare.  Pitting groups against one another is paramount to the Secular-Left’s electoral success.
  3. Gluttonyis an inordinate desire to consume more than that which one requires.  The desire for increasing consumption in large segments of our society have led those who succumb to gluttony to comfort themselves that electoral and generational theft is moral as long as the majority agrees.
  4. Lust is an inordinate craving for the pleasures of the body.  The ease of satisfying these cravings in our “modern” society creates a distraction from important political arguments and leads to the decay of the nuclear family.  Over the sixty plus years of my life, I have witnessed television evolve from programming extolling family values exclusively to now overwhelmingly embracing salaciousness in the most gratuitous manner.  Running parallel to this has been the dismantling of the family unit.  Just societal evolution or a planned movement?  You decide.
  5. Anger, also know as Wrath, is manifested in the individual who spurns love and opts instead for fury.   Are leaders like Al Sharpton, Janet Murguia, and Richard Trumka parts of a larger political movement meant to incite anger in their faithful with the intent of deepening the entrenchments further fragment our political arguments?  Why is it that the Secular-Left media searches until exhaustion to find a single incident of lawlessness when the religious right holds a rally?  And, why is it that the mainstream media’s message is always to paint those attending those rallies as violence-prone extremists, but when rioting occurs in the inner city that same media attaches significant political thought to the rioters?
  6. Greed, also known as Avarice and Covetousness, is the desire for material wealth or gain, ignoring the realm of the spiritual.  This sin is central to the Secular-Left movement.  The fact that most of society has grown to accept greed as the motivation of our elected officials speaks ill of them and of us.
  7. Sloth is the avoidance of physical or spiritual work.  Large swaths of our population have been disconnected from the American dream as a result of the social programs that were sold to us as temporary “safety nets” but have become nothing more than “hammocks” that last a lifetime and often become a generationally transferred lifestyle.  Absent spiritual work, man is free to make excuses for his lot in life rather than take action to improve it.


Man has never been, and will never be perfect.  Though we have failings, it is our pursuit of perfection that advances us individually, and collectively as a society.  If we truly care about the “collective good” we should endeavor to be the best that we each can be.  In this manner the building blocks of society become strengthened and not at the expense of another individual or segment of society.


Ignoring a message that can improve your life is foolhardy.  Because it may have come from a person with some personal failings should not diminish the value of the message.  Do we dismiss coaches who never attained greatness?  To the contrary, many of the greatest coaches were not great players.


Likewise, the success of great teams is always founded on their collective abilities to put their individual differences aside and to function with commitment to a single goal of advancing the team’s interests only.


Our ability to discern constructive messages from destructive ones determines our future greatness as individuals and as a group.  When the choice is based on one of the Seven Deadly Sins we all lose and, as a group we are weaker.


Next, restoring the foundations of good self-governance.