America is Broken: Part 3

ELDER PATRIOT – Recently my son, with an expression mixed with sadness and exasperation observed of the American political system, ‘it’s so broken.”  His lack of hope for the future concerns me deeply.  We all recognize that our government is no longer working to protect the rights and opportunities of the people.  This series examines how we have allowed our collective resolve as a unified people to be weakened.


Morality Renewed


Previously, we discussed the Secular-Left’s rejection of the Ten Commandments on grounds that separation of church and state is sacrosanct.  Sadly, after a half-century of controlling our education and media agendas, many Americans now lack the moral clarity necessary to govern themselves wisely or fairly.


In the early 1970’s Richard Nixon became the most reviled man in politics.  The political dirty tricks his administration was involved in became known as Watergate.  The Watergate scandal included bugging the offices of political opponents, harassing activist groups, and the erasure of eighteen and one-half minutes of audiotape from the oval office.  It should be noted that a transcript of those 18.5 minutes were made available to a special prosecutor.


The Secular-Left mainstream media became relentless in its pursuit of the facts.  The daily headlines were in the boldest print imaginable and ran uninterrupted until Howard Baker, a member of Nixon’s his own party, told the president that he had lost support of his party and would best serve the nation by resigning and avoiding impeachment.  There was never a direct link to the president for any of the crimes but Nixon understood he was responsible for the action of his administration.  After a short period of deliberation, President Nixon resigned sparing the nation the ordeal of impeachment proceedings and preserving a sense of decency in the face of shame.  That was as it should be.  Elected officials should be held to the highest standards of morality and fairness.


The expectation of high moral standards changed under the Clinton presidency.  By the time Clinton left office moral relativity was the new rule.  As president, Clinton lied to federal prosecutors under oath, a crime for which his own justice department had sent offenders to jail.  Impeachment charges were brought against the president by the House but the Senate voted to acquit, despite numerous other women coming forward to tell of their harassment at the hands of President Clinton.  He was even accused of rape.


There are only two possible reasons that the Republican Senate might’ve voted for acquittal:


  1. The FBI dossiers that were in Hillary’s possession had been used to blackmail enough senators of both parties to save Clinton.
  2. The move to the single party system was fully underway and the members of both parties who voted to acquit were promised financial inducements.

Perhaps both reasons were active at the time.  It matters little because the acquittal forever redefined our morality as a people.


Americans swallowed the principle of moral relativity hook, line and sinker from then on.  “Everybody does it” was used to excuse virtually all behavioral failings and political dirty tricks for politicians willing to tow the single-party line.


Unable to separate right from wrong with a strong enough voice to demand a change in the presidency when it came to the most basic human behaviors, Americans were easily duped about the illegal and dangerous activities of nation states and religious movements.


Behavioral expectations for our elected officials continued their descent since then to the point where our current president’s administration makes the Nixon administration look like choirboys.


The Obama administration has used the IRS to stifle political opponents, erased 30,000 or more emails about the Benghazi massacre, incited racial rioting for political gain, engaged in wars for no apparent reason, incarcerated political opponents, appointed admitted communists as administration czars, placed members of the Muslim Brotherhood within his administration, and on and on.


Yet, unlike the microscope under which Nixon was examined by the Secular-Left mainstream media, this administration skates by with only a modicum of negative press that is immediately replaced by stories of significantly less importance.  The outrage from the American people that accompanied the Watergate scandal no longer accompanies modern political scandals of far greater importance.


It’s sad that having spent trillions of dollars on education Americans now find themselves without a moral compass.  We can discuss policy issues until there’s nothing left to talk about but absent the teaching of the Judeo-Christian religions to guide us in our deliberations and judgments (of both issues and leaders) we will continue separating ourselves from our individual freedoms that were the hallmark of American exceptionalism.  Equating the Islamist movement of today with the Crusades of 600 years ago elevates moral equivalency to heights of idiocy.


We must return to being a virtuous society.  We are imperfect and we will fail at times.   That doesn’t make the pursuit of virtue foolish nor the person who tries and falls short a hypocrite.   Rather, like an athlete who pushes himself towards a record but fails to achieve it, we wind up better for the effort and so does our team.


Until we rediscover the importance of moral purity in our elected officials any hope for good governance will be elusive.