American Policy: A Roadmap to Losing The War on Terror

ELDER PATRIOT – Does it appear to anyone else the West has lost the war on terror and is now just funding the Islamic takeover?  If you’re wondering how I can say that take a look at the evidence.  I think it’s compelling.

The Obama administration with the help of House Speaker Paul Ryan continues funding ISIS and is now paying the costs of bringing members of their terrorist group to the United States.

Our political leaders are arguing about putting limits on our First Amendment rights because “the novelty of this threat calls for new thinking about limits on freedom of speech.”

Our allies in France are considering prosecuting opposition political leader Marine Le Pen for tweeting images of Islamist atrocities.  The images are readily available on Google but some people find them offensive.

In the United States the National Defense Authorization Act provides the president with the power of indefinite detention of any American without charges.

The FBI Director admits to being overwhelmed by the number of potential terror cells that he is already aware of so why is Obama flooding our country with more military-age men of unknown Middle East origin?


The FBI, the Department of Homeland Security, and the entire Obama administration were charged with proving the narrative that white supremacists and small-government conservative were a greater threat than radical Islamists.  This forced investigators to misdirect valuable resources on a wild goose chase allowing the Islamist radicals to make significant inroads in forming new terror cells while going undetected.  There was even a directive from President Obama prohibiting officials from viewing the social media accounts of foreigners and instead maintaining a vigilant eye on the social media profiles of conservatives.

France has such tough laws against hate speech that they are being used against journalists, writers, film producers, and politicians to shut down honest discussion about the growing threat of radical Islam.

Our political leaders continue telling us that we must not give in or we will become them.  They use this reasoning to justify irresponsible immigration and “refugee” resettlement programs just as they told us corporations and banks were “too big to fail” during a previous crises.

It’s clear what winning would look like.  The border would be closed and protected and our rights would be fully intact as they were before 9/11.  Our budget would be balanced not burdened by the debt associated with immigrants that no one wants here except our enemies. 

Instead, we have allowed the government to take our rights and our money from us and confer them on foreigners, some of whom will kill us.  History has proven that rights once lost are never regained.  At least in that way we have already lost this war.

I cannot fathom how much more damage the Obama administration can inflict on America and Americans in the next thirteen months.  It’s scary to contemplate.  Barack Obama, John Boehner, Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan must be held accountable.  All four took an oath before God and the American people to uphold the Constitution and instead conspired against the laws of the land.  It would be hard to picture what more they could’ve done to undermine the Constitution than they have already done.

Now, facing thirteen months of unchecked traitorous leadership, we should ask God to once again bless the United States of America and see us through these perilous times.