America’s Armed Citizenry: The People’s Best Defense Against Terrorism

ELDER PATRIOT –  As the threat of terrorist attacks escalate the world over one thing becomes increasingly clear, there is no governmental strategy that can protect its citizenry in preventing asymmetrical warfare attacks against them.  The one tool government had, but failed to use, was to control immigration before the terrorists were here.  That they welcomed people into their country that brought with them a deep belief in militant Islam, or in the least, sympathies to that radical movement, constituted a dereliction of duty approaching treason.

Now the mainstream media is working to cover the tracks of the Paris massacre by convoluting the reality of what happened and calling for…gun control in…the United States.  In as shameless a display of twisted logic they ignore the fact that Paris has strict gun control laws already.

The Democratic Party’s leading candidates used last night’s debate to double down on their call for continuing to welcome Muslim refugees into our midst.  This, even as the French government has decided it must close its borders in an attempt to get a handle on the mess they’ve created. This is their position even with the knowledge that at least one of the Parisian terrorists was welcomed as a refugee.

It’s as though liberals are completely incapable of seeing past their ideological longings for kumbaya.  Or, more likely, they recognize the premises they have built their followings on are beginning to crumble and they are now desperate to continue pandering to these groups in an effort to prop them up in an effort to save their electoral prospects.  This would explain their allegiance to the vapid students in Missouri whose movement is based on…nothing more than alleged their hurt feelings.  My hurt feelings?  Screw off. 

There are certain undeniable truths:

When seconds matter the police are at best minutes away.

Had Parisians been armed the number of casualties would have almost certainly been lower, probably much lower.

Open borders are accompanied by an inherent risk of criminals and terrorists entering any country.  Whether criminals and terrorists may already be residing within a country doesn’t mean we should increase the risk to public safety

The citizenry of free countries have right to determine the culture they live under and to reject competing cultures not consistent with their beliefs or comfort.  George Soros, the United Nations, and Pollyanna elected officials have no right to say or rule otherwise. 

Here in the United States our Second Amendment guarantees Americans the right to defend themselves on two counts. 

First, it allows us to properly defend ourselves and loved ones in the event of any form of attack. 

Just as important is the protection is provides as a last line of defense against a tyrannical government that itself embraces using terrorism against its own people.  It is impossible to control a population without occupying the ground on which they live.  It is because of this reality that eighty million gun owners provide a significant check on an overreaching government.