America’s Lurch To The Left

ELDER PATRIOT – As the results of the New Hampshire primary became apparent Ted Cruz took to the microphones to claim, the real winner — the real winner — is the conservative grassroots who propelled us to outright victory in Iowa and to a far stronger result and outcome in New Hampshire than anyone had predicted.”

Au contraire Senator, an objective look at the results leaves one to conclude that America lurched left, at least last night, at least in New Hampshire.

Yes, there was a rejection of establishment candidates but it’s what those outsiders stood for that won the voters over.

On the Democratic side the overwhelming support of the rank and file for Bernie Sanders leaves the party no room to move further left, ever.  There simply is no position to stake out that could be considered further  “left” than the position Sanders has already claimed for his own.

If you believe in working for the state so that income can be redistributed in its entirety then you feel the “Bern.”

The Republican vote also represented a shift to the left.  Trump has brought a level of pragmatism to a party that has too long ignored it.  Yes, Trump’s muscular stance against immigration, border protection, rebuilding the military, protecting the Second Amendment and his America first attitude towards trade is straight from the Conservative Playbook but these were also the values of John F. Kennedy.  That modern day Democrats no longer embrace these policies is suggestive of a group psychosis intent on mass suicide than on common sense policy differences.

Trumps views on providing healthcare for our most needy citizens and his New York values regarding abortion do not represent a strict conservative position but an intellectually and politically nuanced view of both what is possible and what is necessary in today’s multicultural and less socially strident society.

At least for one night in New Hampshire, if the right to life remained the dominant issue for Republican voters Ted Cruz would’ve been crowing about his landslide victory.  Instead he was left to defend his 12% support and to whitewash it as a victory for conservatism.

Granted, Donald Trump is an outsider and that stands him in good stead in this election cycle when all things Washington are despised, but it’s his policies that are attracting bi-partisan support and forcing Americans to prioritize what’s important in their choice of the next president.  Those things of importance are proving to be the economy, jobs and national security.  Trump wins on all three and that is enough for the conservative rank and file that was once defined by its religious right but is now demonstrating a level of pragmatism that America needs..

At least for one night in New Hampshire America lurched to the left and, if these results hold up, voters will be presented with the most distinct electoral choice since Ronald Reagan overwhelmingly defeated Jimmy Carter in 1980 by winning 489 of the 535 available electoral votes in an election of clear ideological differences. 

An election between Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump would either accelerate America’s descent into socialism or restore her free-market capitalist system and a chance to confirm once again that, as Calvin Coolidge said, “the chief business of the American people is business.”