An Elder Patriot’s Message To Establishment Republicans

ELDER PATRIOT – Your consistent repetition of the claim that Donald Trump is not a “conservative” and that he should therefore be disqualified from representing the Republican Party as their nominee is illogical on two counts.

First, the candidates you insist on labeling as “conservative” have participated in growing the cost of government four-fold in inflation-adjusted dollars since Ronald Reagan left office.  What is conservative about that?

Your promise to the voters to finally “close the borders” has gone unaddressed by your party for over a quarter century.  What is conservative about diminishing American sovereignty and encouraging the Balkanization of the American people?

Your legislative support for corporations that out-source American jobs and import lower-salaried skilled foreign workers to replace Americans here at home is inconsistent with the founding principles of the Republican Party. What is conservative about supporting foreign immigrants if it comes at the expense of American working men and women?

Your unwillingness to fight the Obamacare mandate has allowed five Supreme Court justices to forever redefine American’s relationship with their government.  What is conservative about a government that can now force us to buy products of their choosing under the penalty of law?

Your eager willingness to commit American lives and treasure to wars without either purpose or end solely for the enrichment of your military-industrial complex puppet masters is unconscionable.  Most Americans are too young to remember that we won WWII against two global super powers in only four years.  What is conservative about that?


You have so warped the meaning of the conservative label that, to your contention that Donald Trump isn’t a conservative, I ask what’s wrong with that?

Second, let’s turn to the emerging narrative that the Republican Party isn’t compelled to listen to its voters and, that instead, the delegates themselves represent the party’s interests and can vote for whomever they like. 

To this end, you call Donald Trump a “Populist” and a “Nationalist” as though those words are disqualifying of a candidate for president.  But, Trump’s popular ascendance is precisely what our Founding Fathers fought the revolution against the British monarchy over and exactly what they envisioned when they wrote the Constitution.

Other than personal attacks against Mr. Trump and the hyperbolic hysterical comparisons to Hitler and the #NeverTrump movement you have failed to make a cogent argument to the American people why we should consider him so threatening to us.

Now, as those attacks have only strengthened Mr. Trump, you are beginning a purge of party members who have not toed the line against Trump that you have drawn.  Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, Bill O’Reilly, Laura Ingraham, Sarah Palin, Fox News, Chris Christie, Ben Carson, Sen. Jeff Sessions, The Drudge Report, Breitbart, Jerry Falwell Jr. and Robert Jeffress are the first to have been identified as “enemies” of the party.  There will be many more as your grip on both the party and reality continues to ebb.

This is sickeningly reminiscent of the Democrat’s “housecleaning” that took place after 2004 when they purged Joe Lieberman and Zell Miller for not toeing the ideological line that had drawn.  In that case it was tacit acknowledgement that the Democratic Party was now intent on moving as far to the left as possible with each successive election.  The difference here is you have advanced no ideological definition of conservatism for anyone to abide by even if they wanted to.

Those of us who love America, long ago realized the Democratic Party had devolved into an anti-American globalist conspiracy who’s purpose became to deliver its followers to the tyranny of an international government.  That you have likewise chosen to ignore your followers leaves only one conclusion – that you have joined them.