An ENITRE NEIGHBORHOOD Woke Up To THIS NOTE On Their Doors. Then They Looked Outside & SAW THIS … MIND BLOWN!

VIA| The town of Centennial, Colorado recently was hit with a major overnight storm, leaving behind several inches of snow on the ground for residents to deal with the next day. But when each and every one of them woke up, a big surprise awaited them just outside the door – announced by a note telling residents, “You Got Served!”

While the cryptic note probably left the people a bit scared, there was no danger. A group of kind-hearted high school kids decided to “serve” the whole neighborhood, waking up before everyone else and shoveling over 50 driveways!

“We wanted to get out before anyone woke up,” said Nick MIrabella, one of the teens involved. “We just felt it was a really good idea to serve the whole neighborhood.It’s just kind of the best way I think we could spend a Sunday.”

So while most teens were sleeping in and trying to avoid doing chores, these kids decided to do everyone’s chores for them! We could all learn a lesson from that, no matter how young or old.

According to neighbors, the teens were offered money for their services yet declined every time, declaring that they were simply doing everyone a favor. After the big job was done, they all went sledding to cap off the big morning.

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