Andrew Cuomo’s Political Psycho Babble Decoded

ELDER PATRIOT – New York governor Andrew Cuomo has renewed his call for Democrats to shut down the federal government in order to force Republicans into voting for gun control.  Cuomo originally made this absurd declaration in late September:

If the far right is willing to shut down the government because they don’t get a tax cut for the rich, then our people should have the same resolve and threaten to shut down the government if they don’t get a real gun control law to stop killing of their innocents.

He made his original statement at the funeral of his close aide Carey Gabay who was killed during a celebration of Labor Day.  Because of the emotions of the moment it was easy to let his comments pass.  That is no longer the case.  He’s had six weeks to compose himself yet he reiterated his demand late last week after the mass shootings at Umpqua Community College:

I’d love to see the Democrats stand up and say, “We’re going to shut down the federal government if we don’t get real gun control legislation.

This would be a triple win for Republicans running for re-election:

First, Republicans would have no choice but to stand firm in defense of the Second Amendment if they were to have any chance of re-election.  This would make even the weakest of Republicans look strong on this issue.

Second, shutting down the federal government would forever remove the confusion that Democrats have constructed around such an action.  Those constituents who the Democrats threaten will lose their federal handouts during such times would learn that payments like social security and welfare don’t cease during a shutdown.

Third, federal employees would be forced out of work and the voting public would get to see just how unimportant the jobs they perform are to the lives of everyday people.  Conservatives’ calls for the elimination of various federal agencies would gain traction as more and more voters are forced to ponder the growing likelihood of the bankruptcy of their country.

Does this mean that Mr. Cuomo has lost his mind?  I can assure you that isn’t the case.  When your party isn’t in power it costs nothing to make demands that you can’t deliver on.  It’s a time for endearing yourself to your base voters.  Think about all of those Republicans running on repealing Obamacare.  Mr. Cuomo is simply attempting to rally the base around one of their hot button issues as his next statement reveals:

“I would like to see Hillary and the vice president and whoever else is in the race from both parties talk about the issue of guns. Rather than the political blather that is now going on, let’s put some real issues on the agenda and let’s put at the top: What are you doing to about guns? Let’s have that be one of the top priorities.”

The American people are facing the loss of their sovereignty caused by unfettered immigration, and a lack of jobs caused by irresponsible government spending that threatens to bankrupt our country but Andrew Cuomo wants to push these issues to the side over the trumped up need for gun control.  There’s a method to his madness.  Our country was facing the same problems in 2012 and yet the useful idiots who voted decided the future course of our nation based on contraceptive rights (Sandra Fluke.)