VIA| As any Bible believer knows, the seventh chapter of Genesis describes a flood that covered mountains and nearly destroyed humankind and all of the world’s animals. Besides the description of this truth in the Bible, all cultures from around the world describe this event, in some form, in their myths and legends.

Now, archaeologists can demonstrated fossil records to prove the Great Flood had come.

When scientists uncovered remains in “one of the driest regions of the world, receiving just a few inches of rain a year,” they were dumbfounded for a reason.

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The only logical proof had been written in the Bible thousands of years before scientists questioned God’s word.

Whale bone were discovered in the Egyptian Sahara Desert.

Less than 100 miles from Cairo, the whale bones are now on display for everyone to see in the “open air museum.”

While atheists will work hard to not accept the truth as outlined in the Bible, they go to great lengths to make up unscientific and un-provable stories as to why the whale got into the middle of the famous desert. Just wait to see what lies they generate. It’s blasphemous!

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