ARE YOU SERIOUS?? Univision Anchor Says THIS Law Is UNFAIR to Illegal Aliens

VIA|  While we know to expect inane arguments from the left and its lapdog media, sometimes a particular argument takes liberal logic so far out that it deserves special attention. Such is the case with what Univision anchor Jorge Ramos argued today about illegal immigrants.

As a reminder, in case any liberals are reading this, “illegal” by definition means “contrary to or forbidden by law.”

Via BizPac Review:

Social media users are furious that Jorge Ramos, the illegal immigration activist who masquerades as a journalist, came out against a law named in honor of a woman killed by an illegal alien who’d been deported from the country five times — and returned every time.

Speaking to CNN’s Brian Stelter in an interview to air Sunday on “Reliable Sources,” the Univision anchor declared Kate’s Law, which dictates that a deported illegal alien caught sneaking back in the country, would receive a mandatory five-year prison sentence, is unfair.

“I think it is unfair that because one undocumented immigrants killed a wonderful human being, that all immigrants are being blamed for that killing,” he said. “It is so unfair.”

Ramos is, as usual, confusing all immigrants with illegal immigrants.

“It is completely unfair to criticize millions of people for what one or two people have done,” he said.

Really? Yet when the push to wipe out the entire history of the South began because one evil white kid, Dylann Roof, who once held a Confederate battle flag in a picture, killed nine innocent black people in a Charleston church, Ramos didn’t offer a similar defense.

Television shows have been pulled off the air, major retailers have removed any product that contains the flag, statues are being removed and schools are being renamed all because of that one person’s actions.

Yes, that’s liberal logic for you. In addition to showing a decided LACK of logic, liberal logic is always applied only selectively — to those scenarios that fit the left’s narrative.

Hey, Mr. Ramos, guess what I think is unfair? I think it’s unfair that some immigrants worked hard to get and stay here the legal way, while others snub both those legal immigrants and the laws of our land by breaking the law to come here. I think it’s unfair that people who’ve broken the law to be here enjoy perks my tax dollars are paying for — tax dollars that, meanwhile, are not going to other important national priorities, such as defense, for example. I think it’s unfair that these same illegal immigrants (again, they are HERE ILLEGALLY) can walk up to a voting center in my home state and can vote in our elections — simply by having someone “vouch” for them.

And I think it’s really unfair that even one person, like Kate Steinle, lost her life because one scumbag came back here illegally time after time after time, and policies that attempt to be “fair” to illegal aliens — like San Francisco’s sanctuary law — let him back out on the streets to kill her.

And here’s a newsflash for you, Mr. Ramos: United States law should be based on the best interests of the citizens of the United States — including both people who immigrated here LEGALLY as well as those of us born here. It should not be decided based on what’s “fair” to people who have broken the law to be here. Apparently, they don’t really give a rat’s you-know-what about our laws anyway.