VIA| ‘American Sniper’ continues to blast through American box office records, especially after being nominated for Academy Awards. It’s story about our brave Navy SEALS- especially Chris Kyle – shows us just how tough war is and how evil in this world must be confronted.

But to the Hollywood left, it is a polarizing film. Apparently, Chris Kyle shouldn’t have killed 160 enemies, according to Michael Moore and Seth Rogen. However, what do Iraqis themselves think? The answer might surprise you…

While some are howling that American Sniper is a racist film, Iraqis themselves have a surprising view of the movie, which played to sold-out theaters in Baghdad during its first week.

“When [Chris Kyle] was hesitating to shoot [the child holding the RPG] everyone [in the theater] was yelling ‘Just shoot him!’” said Gaith Mohammed, an Iraqi in his 20s interviewed by the Global Post.

“Some people watching were just concentrating, but others were screaming ‘F*ck, shoot him! He has an IED, don’t wait for permission!!’” Mohammed laughed, recounting the film’s many tense scenes when US Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle, played by Bradley Cooper, radios in for authorization to take out a potential threat in his crosshairs.
The Global Post reporter asked Mohammed if he thought the movie was “racist or anti-Arab,” and his answer is telling:

“No, why? The sniper was killing terrorists! The only thing that bothered me was when he said he didn’t know anything about the Quran!”

And here is the best part…

The 20-something Mohammed sheds light on why the movie might be so popular: “I love watching war movies because, especially now, they give me the strength to face ISIS.”


Incredible! Iraqis have even more reason to hate terrorists than Americans do, and were actually excited to see the movie. The movie sold out during its first week in Baghdad, and it’s obvious as to why: They need all the inspiration they can find to confront ISIS terrorists.

Maybe Michael Moore should talk to these patriotic Iraqis?