Attorney Sees Black Teen Walking Down the Side of Busy Road. What He’s CARRYING Makes Him Pull Over IMMEDIATELY

VIA| Memphis in August is hot, so when attorney Daniel Hamilton saw a young man walking in the August heat wearing a full suit, he was nothing short of surprised. He was even carrying his dress shoes so they wouldn’t get dirty.

That young man was 19-year-old Ladarrius Gilmore, and Ladarrius Gilmore was on a mission.


Image Credit: Facebook

After hearing that Central Barbecue was hiring a dishwasher, he was determined to get the job. A student at a local career college, Gilmore didn’t have his driver’s license. So in order to get to Central Barbecue, he had to trek 30 minutes in the hot sun.

But like an oasis in the dessert, Hamilton pulled up beside him and saved him from the heat. Gilmore explained to CBS 6:

“He told me ‘do you want a ride,’ because he don’t want me sweating in my suit.”

Together they rode to the barbecue joint and together they spoke with the restaurant’s manager, Tom Strange.

After putting in a good word for him, Hamilton stepped aside and Gilmore filled out some paperwork.

“I filled out my application and then he said I’m hired on the spot,” Gilmore told News Channel 3.

After driving Gilmore back to his apartment, Hamilton shared his experience on Facbeook.

The young man on the left is Ladarrius Gilmore. He is 19. I met him on my drive to work this morning. As I headed down…

Posted by Daniel Hamilton on Monday, August 24, 2015

The encounter garnered a lot of positive attention. Just three days later, local business man Jon Hodge gifted Gilmore with a bike so he wouldn’t have to make the 30 minute journey by foot.

Gilmore is incredibly grateful for Hamilton’s kindness, and thankful that Strange has decided to take a chance on him.

As for Hamilton? Well he’s just happy to witness first-hand people working hard to better their lives, and kind people who are willing to help them out along the way.

“[Q]uietly, every day, good people like Ladarrius set out against the odds to make a better tomorrow,” said Hamilton. “Good people like Tom give a young man a chance. Good people fill this town.”