Baltimore Riots Are NOT About Race

ELDER PATRIOT – The time for an honest discussion about the motivation behind “civil unrest” is long overdue.  The riots in Baltimore have been orchestrated by Malik Shabazz and the militant New Black Panther Party and, with the approval of Baltimore mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake.  That Rawlings-Blake serves, as one of only three mayors, on President Obama’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing should not be overlooked.President Obama is on the verge of leaving the Democratic Party bereft of a legitimate platform for 2016.  There are only so many election cycles where a shrinking economy can be successfully challenged by abortion rights (less than half of all voters believe abortions to be moral,) gay rights (enough already, do what you do and leave me out of it,) contraceptive rights (I can’t afford groceries for my family but I’ve got to pay for the protection of a sexually overactive coed,) and the plight of blacks (yeah, my kid didn’t get into that college but the black kid did even though he scored 250 points lower on his SAT’s and had a GPA a full grade lower.)

The party of Black America is so lacking of significant platform for the 2016 elections that the prospects for retaining the presidency is being threatened by their own disinterested constituency.

Realizing their dire electoral straights, they are summoning a page from their old political playbook.  Well versed in community organizing (inciting the ignorant to violence for political gain,) President Obama has done nothing to quell the rioting in Baltimore just as he had done nothing to quell the violence in Ferguson.  One has to ask why?

Whether Malik Shabazz operated on his own (doubtful,) under orders from someone in the Obama administration, or in consort with Rawlings-Blake matters little.  No direct link need be established.  The way it was allowed to play out is enough.


The problem for Obama and Rawlings-Blake came in yesterday’s response by the larger community when responsible black people came out in massive numbers to create a human barrier protecting the police from the miscreants.  This should serve as proof to level-headed observers that it wasn’t about race.