Beautiful Young Women Are Paying This 88 Year-Old Man For Sex

VIA| Most weekends, he just stood on a corner along busy Hollywood Boulevard, holding a cardboard sign that read, plainly, “I’m for sale.”

Edwin Venn, an 88-year-old grandfather, was arrested Tuesday night for prostituting himself. Police had been observing Venn for several months, studying his successful prostitution and the peculiar pattern common in his clients.

Stuppid reports that one officer said, “His johns were all young women. Twenties, thirties. Most quite beautiful. Never really seen anything like this dynamic, but strange things do happen.”

Indeed, he was arrested with one client, 23-year-old Amanda Pearson, who could easily be described as beautiful.

During her arraignment, Pearson admitted that when she and a group of friends saw Venn trying to turn tricks, they agreed that it might be fun to sleep “with an old guy.”  Apparently, this happened often, as word spread of Venn’s services. He reportedly only charged five dollars, and gave out lollipops afterwards.