ELDER PATRIOT – Now that the House Select Committee on Benghazi has concluded today’s grueling questioning of Hillary Clinton we are left with a few lasting impressions.

Some of the Republicans pursued worthless lines of interrogation only succeeding in adding fuel to the Democrats’ claim that the hearing was conducted in an attempt to discredit Mrs. Clinton for political reasons.

The Democrats on the committee had no interest in learning anything having asked no, nada, zero fact questions.  Instead they ran an orchestrated campaign that was so sympathetic to Mrs. Clinton that calling it simple partisanship does them no justice. 

Mrs. Clinton proved to be a cool customer but constantly placed blame and responsibility everywhere but on herself.  Whether it was the CIA, the Department of Defense, the White House or anyone else she might’ve been involved with that fateful night, someone else was always responsible for the failure.  After hearing her testimony one is left wondering just what the Secretary of State is responsible for.

Though she became emotional when talking about the sacrifices those people who work for her as sometimes called on to make, she never saw fit to make a personal visit to the hospital to check on their wellbeing.  She must’ve had Vince Foster in mind while she was tearing up.

Elijah Cummings, the ranking Democrat on the committee cried over the cost to run the committee attaching a $20 million price tag to the multiple investigations.  Now you’re fiscally responsible?  Please save it Mr. Congressman I’m too busy crying over the $250 trillion dollars your party has indebted us for.  By the way, it came out during the hearing that the administration Cummings is busy defending spent $50 million training 5 ISIS fighters.

Finally, Trey Gowdy was as good as advertised.  He was professional, courteous, and displayed a prosecutorial style nothing short of brilliant.  Every time Mrs. Clinton attempted her “what difference does it make” defense Mr. Gowdy explained in no uncertain terms the importance of her answers to the investigation.

Jim Jordan (OH-4) and Mike Pompeo (KS-4) also had more excellent moments than not.  The other Republicans on the committee did not make the best use of their time.

If Mr. Gowdy’s goal was, as he stated, to learn the truth about what happened that night so that our embassies may be better protected in the future we will have to wait until the committee’s final report to learn how or if today’s testimony by Mrs. Clinton was important.  With all the blame Mrs. Clinton spread around it’s likely that as more witnesses appear before the committee, discrepancies in Mrs. Clinton’s testimony will surface.

For Mrs. Clinton this caps a successful week for her.  The committee’s Democrats incessant use of the time allotted to them to attack the committee as nothing more than a partisan attack aimed at derailing Mrs. Clinton’s presidential run surely gave the party faithful enough sound bites to use in defense of Mrs. Clinton moving forward.  If Mrs. Clinton is successful in securing the presidency she will owe the committee’s Democrats big time.