ELDER PATRIOT – As we reported here months ago most billionaire donors only care about buying influence with candidates in order to guarantee that government will be leveraged to their advantage.  We pointed out that those supporting Jeb Bush were the exact same donors supporting Hillary Clinton. 

Their only concern is with growing their money.  They do not share our concerns for the condition we will leave our country in for our children.  Why should they?  They don’t live under the same constraints that the rest of us do and will not share our pain when they are done shaping our economy for themselves and we are left with the scraps.

They are usually more guarded about their motivations but now Billionaire Donor Mike Fernandez has openly admitted as much, telling the Miami Herald he is planning a move to support Hillary Clinton if Donald Trump becomes the Republican nominee.  Until now Fernandez has been solidly behind Jeb Bush, as have been top bankers, hedge fund managers and CEO’s looking to buy influence and favors through their donations. 

Hillary Clinton has attracted many of the same donors by promising to follow in the footsteps of her husband and Barack Obama who leveraged for sale every aspect of American government including our state secrets.

Republican frontrunner Donald Trump is self-funding his campaign and has made a key element of it his promise not to owe favors to anyone.  This doesn’t sit well with the rich kids who are used to buying what they want.

“If I have a choice — and you can put it in bold — if I have a choice between Trump and Hillary Clinton, I’m choosing Hillary,” Miami healthcare magnate Mike Fernandez told the Miami Herald on Friday.  This aligns exactly with what we said over two months ago regarding the donor bases of both Bush and Clinton being one and the same.

The rest of the Herald’s article is a jumbled justification by Fernandez that defies logic.  The first sentence of the story begins: “One of Florida’s biggest conservative Republican moneymen…”  Admittedly Trump isn’t a perfect conservative but if Fernandez would consider backing Hillary he isn’t any kind of conservative. 

Conservatism is rooted in a strong national defense, protection of America’s sovereignty that includes border security, sound economic and financial policies, smaller government intrusion into our lives, defending the Constitution including the Second Amendment, and protecting our Judeo-Christian heritage.  Hillary Clinton not only doesn’t support a single one of these items she is openly campaigning against all of them.

The truth is Fernandez is the multi billionaire founder and Chairman of MBF Healthcare Partners that has benefitted greatly from government’s distortion of the same healthcare markets that have hurt the vast majority of Americans.

Fernandez is the first billionaire Jeb supporter to openly admit he will back Hillary.  The rest are keeping their powder dry for now but they have already made up their minds that if it’s a choice between Trump and Clinton their money will be going to Clinton.  Many have already hedged their bets by making sizable contributions to Jeb and Hillary at the same time.

While we argue ideological differences based on marginal tax rates, foreign policy, immigration quotas, abortion, and a host of other issues the super rich are laughing at us.  The difference we should all be concerned about, Democrats and Republicans both, is the vision the super rich have for the government and what we hope that government will still leave in play for our kids. 

Rank and file Republican voters have awakened to the threat of the political establishment and have vaulted outsiders to the lead in the polls.  It’s time for the Reagan Democrats to join us in rejecting an omnipotent government that serves only the super rich and answers to the globalists at the UN.