Black America Must Take Responsibility

ELDER PATRIOT – As a candidate Barack Obama promised us a frank discussion about race in America.  We’re still waiting.  I’m not waiting for him any longer.  Here goes.

As president, Obama has shamelessly defended black offenders regardless of their guilt just as reflexively as the Ku Klux Klan went after blacks in the Old South for any perceived transgression against whites.  Does white against black racism still exist in today’s America?  Of course it does and it always will.  Just like black against white racism exists and will always exist.  Like our effort to eradicate birth defects, we will never be able to eliminate it entirely.  Especially when our leaders fan the flames of racial divisiveness for personal political gain.

As the United States continues to plunge itself into a chasm of debt from which it most likely will never recover wouldn’t a conversation about how effectively our money is being spent be appropriate?  It would unless the racial undertones were just too unsettling to welcome open public debate.  Take education expenditures for example.

In New Jersey’s inner city schools the amount spent to educate each student is among or above the highest in the state.  What return can we expect on this investment?  With graduation rates ranging from 48.6% and up we expect little and we get it.

Take Trenton, NJ for instance.  With per pupil spending north of $21,000 the taxpayers of NJ have a right to expect graduation rates that exceed 50%.  If they do they’ll be disappointed.

Of the 9 worst school districts when measured for graduation rates, five are predominantly comprised of black students.  None are predominantly white.  These five districts spend an average of $24,859 per pupil to graduate only 56.14% of their students.  The racial composition of these five districts are, on average, 56.87% African-American.

The five highest rated school districts when using the same rating criteria are 90.67% white.  These districts spend $19,969 per pupil on average and have a graduation rate of 98.92%.

The predominantly black school districts are spending almost 25% more but graduating 43.25% less of their students.  To put it another way, while the predominantly white communities are spending $20,187 on average for each graduate, in the black communities that cost soars to $44,281 per graduate, a whopping 219% higher cost.

This is not because blacks lack the intelligence to succeed in school.  Evidence of black exceptionalism is everywhere.  Rather, it is because in black communities they are overwhelmingly raised in a culture that rejects education as being “white.”  They have been systematically held back in order to perpetuate the Democrat voting bloc that black community leadership is aligned with.  Don’t think so?  Take the case of school superintendent Francisco Duran who was recently being considered for the same position in Anne Arundel County, Maryland.  What makes this remarkable?  Mr. Duran is the superintendent in Trenton, NJ where he produced the dismal results cited above.

Need more proof?  Black parents are clamoring for vouchers to be able to remove their children from failing public schools and register them in private schools.  State Democratic leadership through their teacher’s unions reject this out-of-hand.  Any challenge to the Democrats’ union allies is dismissed without debate.  Just as important, any challenge to their state-run indoctrination schools is dismissed without debate.

As long as blacks continue to kneel virtually exclusively at the Democratic altar their plight will not change.  As long as they continue to cast over 90% of their votes for Democrats there will be no urgency for either political party to address black grievances in any substantive way.  Black community leaders know this but deliver the votes at election time as dutifully as the black slave masters in Africa once delivered their brethren to the ships of the slave trade.

For me, as long as black continue voting as “one,” resisting entering into the great American debate as anything other than black, I will see them no other way and they will not have a right to demand that I do.