Black Lives Matter: Worthless Sh*t Spawned By Extreme Liberalism

ELDER PATRIOT – Liberalism, as a responsible movement for the betterment of society, has run its course.  You can put a fork in it.  The movement is now populated by bottom feeding scum masquerading as aggrieved crybabies and ignorant brats.

With no serious spending proposals left to spend their donors’ money trying to convince voters that their neighbors can’t live without, they have resorted to creating division and unrest in the name of social justice.  This has included violence and civil disruptions, first by atheists, and then by gay rights advocates who demanded their rights trump the rights of all other Americans. 

Both of these movements came with a political price for the Democrats but they did serve to lay the foundation for the next and deliberately more aggressive group – Black Lives Matter – racist Blacks incapable of cogent thought and bent on using intimidation.  Fifty years of Democrat-controlled indoctrination centers that most of us thought were schools have left them with a sizeable army of these haters who are quick to blame everyone else for their condition except their own idiocy, ignorance and impulsiveness.

Their tactics are contemptible, based on hate and retribution, and the president’s refusal to condemn them signals his complicity with their movement:

They have arbitrarily commanded segregated “safe spaces” wherever they decide they want them and have told sympathetic whites they’re not welcome in them.

The have gathered together to storm the Yale library for no reason other than to disrupt students of all nationalities and ethnicities who were studying and trying to better themselves so that they may one day help fund the children of these militant miscreants. 

They are likely responsible for the death of a white sheriff’s deputy in Texas who was executed within days of their call for “lynching whites and killing cops.”

They spent the weekend tweeting #F*ckParis in a show of solidarity with their terrorist Muslin brothers.

The Democracy Alliance, an assemblage of Obama’s wealthiest and most committed donors have been offering to fund Black Lives Matter and both sides are investigating the best way to accomplish that without leaving tracks.  For obvious reasons BLM doesn’t want to be seen taking money from wealthy Whites and the Democrats don’t want their funding of this quasi terrorist organization to become known to the public.

Barack Obama’s fingerprints are all over this movement in a misguided and desperate attempt to trigger a backlash by Whites who have been marginalized and consistently antagonized by his administration.  That would give him the excuse he’s looking for to start an all out war against those whites who would fight rather than be rolled over.  This is the legacy he wants.

For their part, Whites have shown considerable restraint and by doing so they have undermined Obama’s grand plan.  They need only maintain their composure for another 14 months and Obama will leave a defeated man.  In the meantime, content yourself that the larger the Black Lives Matter movement grows the more damage they will do to their cause.