ROMNEY WORDSWORTH – The Department of Justice took its first, concrete step, towards bringing an indictment against Hillary Clinton for her serial federal crimes involving her private e-mail server.  If you haven’t been following this story, over 1800 emails containing classified state secrets have been found on Hillary’s email server, or released by the State Department showing that they either were sent to, or originated on Hillary’s private e-mail server.


It is a Federal Crime for any Federal employee to use a non-encrypted, civilian e-mail server for e-mails containing classified material.  Information from merely classified to Top Secret have been found among Hillary’s private server e-mails.  Some e-mails have been so hot, that even Congress didn’t have the security clearance to view them.  Some of these e-mails actually revealed the identities of covert intelligence operatives in foreign countries.  In other words, spies may have died, or been at risk of harm because of Hillary’s selfish carelessness in transmitting this information across unsecured servers.

Now the DOJ has taken the next step:  It gave immunity this week to Bryan Pagliano.  Who is Bryan Pagliano?  He was a Clinton campaign staffer in 2008.  Hillary got him hired at the State Department as an IT specialist.  While a State Department employee, Hillary privately paid Pagliano to set up Hillary’s private e-mail server.  So, Pagliano was the kind of Clinton loyalist that Hillary could ask to do something blatantly, stupidly, criminal, like set up a private server to illegally handle state secrets, all while being paid off the books and being expected to keep his mouth shut about it.

Pagliano did keep his mouth shut, claiming the 5th Amendment and refusing to answer congressional questions about Clinton’s server.  Once granted immunity, a person has no legal grounds left to refuse to answer law enforcement questions.  Well, you don’t plead The Fifth unless you have a pretty good idea that you are going to be found criminally liable, and the DOJ doesn’t give criminal immunity to folks who are innocent of any criminal wrong doing either.  It is a specific step taken by prosecutors to “little fish” in order to get the testimony to convict the “big fish”.  In this case, the “big fish” wears a wig, has swollen ankles, and has a penchant for gaudily colored pant suits.


FOX News legal analyst, and former New Jersey State Court Assignment Judge, Andrew Napolitano, has opined that the granting of immunity to Pagliano means that the DOJ has already (secretly) convened a Grand Jury, and that the FBI believes it has enough evidence to indict Clinton and begin a criminal trial. 

“He (Pagliano) knows who led it and he knows who was in it, and he’s about to spill the beans to a grand jury,” Napolitano said.

Recently the FBI confirmed that the investigation against Clinton was recently widened to include criminal liability under various espionage laws.  It has long been surmised that Hillary Clinton has been engaged in a global influence pedaling scheme, raising cash from foreign governments in return for favorable State Department decisions, and favors in the future if she is elected president.  Money is paid into the Clinton

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Foundation, which is used by the Clintons as a global slush fund.  If the FBI proves what is suspected about the operations of the Clinton Foundation, Bill and Chelsea Clinton (who signs off on all the Foundation book keeping) will be standing in the dock with Hillary.