ELDER PATRIOT – Frequent readers of this column know that I do not parse words and I will not allow others to, either.  That is why I will openly call for the removal of Secretary of State John Kerry for terrorist activities.

There was a time in our country’s history when honorable men served in high office.  Our military commitments were guided by righteousness and not corporate greed.  Whether that once guided Mr. Kerry’s actions prior to, during, and after his Vietnam service is unknown.  His less than undistinguished service record, as attested to by those who served alongside him, only tells us he was a lousy soldier.  His despicable testimony before Congress that followed his service had him appearing before Congress looking more like a representative of the People’s Republic of China than anything else.  He didn’t have the decency to put on a tie and jacket. 

But, last week John Kerry removed all doubt about who he is and why he showed such deep disrespect to his fellow soldiers and the United States Congress.

Appearing at a forum at Harvard, Mr. Kerry accused Israel of committing acts of terrorism.  In his tortured thinking, the fact that Israel is building additional residences on the West Bank is an act that justifies the current wave of attacks against them that has included 1000 rockets fired into their country in the past year alone.

Israel’s response has always been to do their best to surgically remove the launch sites while minimizing civilian casualties.  That has made almost impossible by the Palestinian people who allow Hamas and Hezbollah to set their rocket launchers in schools and hospitals.  Because of the launch locations chosen by the Arab terrorists the death toll is disproportionately higher among the Arab people than among the Israelis.

The Arab terrorists revel in the carnage that ensues because it gives them pictures and video with which to sway public opinion around the world.  For them the lives of little children mean nothing as witnessed by the pictures of their children dressed for Jihad that they are constantly so proudly releasing.

If Mr. Kerry is prepared to equate Israeli retaliation in defense of its citizens with the aggressive acts of terrorists simply because of a lack of proportionality then he must be prepared to defend his own record.

After 2977 Americans were killed on 9/11 Mr. Kerry voted to go to war against Iraq.  Estimates of Iraqi civilian casualties vary widely but between Iraq and Afghanistan it is likely that more than one million civilians have been killed due to our military intervention. 

That response has proven far more disproportional than anything the Israelis have been accused of.  This says nothing of the damage to infrastructure that we have inflicted in Iraq.

Additionally, the policy decisions of the Administration he fronts for has thrown the Middle East into such turmoil that many more Arabs have died and will die in the future as the terrorists he purports to fight continue gaining ground throughout the region. 

Mr. Kerry, by your own definition you are a terrorist.  In fact, considering proportionality – a term you and your administration are so fond of using when accusing others of inappropriate military response – you may be the titular front for the world’s number one terrorist country.

But Mr. Kerry and the administration he speaks for also uses terrorism against Americans to deprive Americans of their constitutional rights.

Terrorism: Noun. 1. The use of violence and threats to intimidate and coerce, especially for political purposes.  –

If the legislation behind NSA spying, indefinite detention without charge, the National Defense Authorization Act, FEMA camps, etc., wasn’t accomplished through the use of terrorism and the threat of terrorism against the American people then it would the first time in the history of the world that people willingly ceded their rights without reason.

Mr. Kerry you and the government you represent, by any definition, cannot escape the label you so blithely put on others.