VIA| Having watched last night’s Republican debate at CPAC, it was clear the candidates conservatives support is Ted Cruz (just based off the applause and booing). Rubio was a close second favorite among the crowd, followed by Trump.

As was the case with the most recent CNN debate, Rubio was able to take a few effective swipes at Trump.

He was also hounded by the moderators for past flip-flopping, was asked about Trump University, among other controversies.

To say the least, last night’s debate wasn’t pretty for Trump.

What stood out however was how some of the questions to the candidates were phrased – which as one reporter for Breitbart pointed out, was overwhelmingly anti-Trump.

None of the other candidates faced dramatic graphics. Trump did. None of the other candidates faced video of past statements.* Trump did.

Trump was never asked to attack his rivals. On at least three occasions, Trump’s rivals were invited to attack him.

On a number of occasions, Wallace and Kelly tossed off their roles as moderators to actually debate Trump, in the hopes of tripping him up or cornering him. As bad as the mainstream media has been to Republican presidential candidates over the years, I have never seen anything like this.

Kelly [even] compared Trump to a con man and Bernie Madoff!

There were two unbelievable moments even lower than that. The first came from Kelly, who used leaked reports and unsubstantiated rumors surrounding an off-the-record interview Trump supposedly had with the left-wing New York Times.  Apparently, the Times leaked information about the off-the-record interview to the left-wing BuzzFeed, who in turn, without hearing the audio, launched a McCarthy-ite attack against Trump, accusing him of saying one thing to the Times and another to the voters regarding immigration.

I suppose Trump didn’t have to be afraid of Megyn Kelly – he had to be afraid of Fox.