BOOM! On Veteran's Day, JON VOIGHT DESTROYED Obama in a HUGE Way!

VIA| Famous Actor Jon Voight is a rare conservative patriot (see here and here) who is not scared to stand up for traditional American values. This continues to annoy the elite Hollywood left, but Jon Voight doesn’t care.

This week, Voight turned up his criticism of Obama another notch. This time, in an interview with The Washington Times, he explained how FURIOUS he is about the shameful treatment of Marine Andrew Tahmooressi, who was left by Obama to rot in a Mexican prison for 8 months:

Today is Veteran’s Day. We honor all our living and fallen heroes – thousands of young men who sacrificed their lives so we can live as free men. One of our own young Marines, Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, was just released from a Mexican prison after long tortuous months, and we just found out from his own words during a Greta Van Susteran interview that he tried to kill himself with a broken light bulb that he plunged into his neck hoping to die, as to not endure his torture any longer,”; Mr. Voight tells The Washington Times, citing a recent Fox News interview with the U.S. Marine.


“Needless to say, [Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi’s] incarceration was a total lie. He was totally innocent. President Obama has released known terrorist murderers in a trade for an American soldier who was believed to be a deserter,” Voight noted.

“Obama had nothing to say for Sgt. Tahmooressi, who endured this unthinkable torture. He made no attempt to free him. Not one word was said in his defense. Obama’s view of what is right and wrong is totally distorted. There should be total outrage for his policies he will put into action. He must be stopped. Every freedom loving American should voice their outrage against his executive privilege.”

And as a resident of California, Voight has seen just how insane Obama’s pro-amnesty policies are. It’s all about politics, and Obama has no problem with putting Americans at risk:

“[Obama] wants to legalize all the illegal Mexicans, and every other illegal immigrant from other countries as well. Why? For their vote, for the 2016 election, for the Democrats. It will make no difference on the billions of dollars it will cost the American tax payers. It made no difference on the latest illegals he let come across the borders a few months ago. Children – unaccompanied by their parents, carrying all kind of illnesses – assimilating them into our society and our schools,” the actor says.