BOOM! Scott Walker CRUSHES Hillary With The BEST … TWEET … EVER!

VIA| He may not have attracted a ton of attention in the first GOP debate, but Governor Scott Walker sure packs a mean tweet, as we’ve seen before.

And now again, as phony Hillary Clinton, attempting to portray herself as a “woman of the people” stepped in it — yet again — on Twitter, Governor Walker stepped right in with the following slam dunk:

Judging from response from the Twitterverse, many voters agreed:


Even some former union members chimed in to vouch for the veracity of Walker’s zing.

Others pointed out the liberal hypocrisy wrapped up in their support of unions, correctly pointing out that liberals are all for “choice” — when it supports their own agenda.

Well-played, Governor Walker! Now, the question on many GOP voters fingertips is, will we see more of this zing in Wednesday night’s debate? At least one voter is hoping so:

We’ll all be watching to see, of course — and will certainly welcome more well-aimed zingers at the Democrat socialist party candidates like Hillary and Bernie! [Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]