VIA| One of the challenges in having a meaningful discussion about the problem of illegal immigration is that liberals intentionally conflate illegal immigrants — operative word here is ILLEGAL for those libs reading — with those who’ve come to the United States legally. This is convenient for a number of reasons, including being able to portray conservatives addressing the illegal immigration policy as insensitive, cold-hearted hypocrites; after all, our nation was built on immigrants. It also enables Democrats to appeal pander to this growing group that may become an increasingly critical voting block — especially as long as President Obama holds a pen in his hand.

Senator Ted Cruz finally set this point straight on the Senate floor last week. In case you haven’t been glued to CSPAN, you can watch the clip below as he SCHOOLS Harry Reid, calling out the Democrats’ sneaky sleight of hand and shameful stance on illegal immigration.

“There is no one in this chamber who will stand and fight harder for legal immigrants than I will,” Cruz proclaims. “And for the Democratic leader to cynically suggest that somehow immigrants should be lumped into the same bucket with murderers and rapists, demonstrates the cynicism of the modern Democratic party, demonstrates just out of touch the modern Democratic party is.”

Out of touch indeed. As Cruz points out, even voters in uber-liberal San Francisco last week voted out its sheriff known for his support of sanctuary cities. And recent polls suggest a large majority — 80% — of Americans believe illegal immigration is a problem.

And how shameful — and ironic — that Democrats dare to suggest the cost of incarcerating these criminal illegal aliens is too much. Really??? Hey, we should have some extra space now that Obama’s releasing tens of thousands of drug offenders. Though these illegal alien murderers and rapists might have to compete with space now with the dangerous flounder fishermen Obama’s justice department is now jailing.

Sometimes you just have to wonder, do the Democrats even hear themselves and how ridiculous they sound? SMH.