BOOM!!! Trump Wows AIPAC. Take That Hillary

ELDER PATRIOT –  Donald Trump keeps getting challenged and he keeps passing with flying colors.  Yesterday’s standing ovations from those in attendance at the American-Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) was another case in point.

Hillary Clinton had spoken earlier in the program and had some great lines including this attack on Trump,  We need steady hands, not a president who says he is neutral on Monday, pro-Israel on Tuesday, and who knows what on Wednesday because ‘everything’s negotiable’!  Israel’s security is non negotiable, and anyone who does not think so has no business being our President”.

Trump’s challenge when he took the stage was to abandon the attack dog techniques he has employed up until last night and to give a substantive policy speech that would bolster his presidential credentials.

Trump hit a grand slam!  His knowledge of the challenges facing Israel was complete and his instincts on what to do about them was astoundingly in line with the crowd’s. 

He began by taking a veiled shot at Mrs. Clinton when he said, “I’m not here to pander to you,” in reference to Mrs. Clinton’s many unfulfilled promises when it has come to the security of Israel.

He pointed to his resolute opposition to the Iran Nuclear Deal from the beginning of his campaign and contrasted this to the fact that Mrs. Clinton was one of the architects of the deal and the existential threat that the deal represents to the security of Israel from a nation sworn to its destruction.

He correctly noted that the deal, that was hailed by Mrs. Clinton has no provisions for prohibiting the building and testing of ballistic missiles, something Mrs. Clinton never addressed.  Trump did note that it was in violation of U.N. resolution 2231 and he used that to hammer the U.N. on its weakness and incompetence.  He then promised that the U.N. would never succeed in imposing a deal on the people of Israel on his watch.

Trump also cited Mrs. Clinton’s overall promise to continue President Obama’s Mid-East policies as a reason that supporters of Israel should be concerned about a Clinton presidency. 

Once he had tied Mrs. Clinton to President Obama regarding policy, Trump highlighted his personal and deep friendship with Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu as an important bridge to strengthening the bond between our countries. 

Trump had successfully tied Mrs. Clinton to President Obama who once made Netanyahu wait while Obama enjoyed dinner with his wife and children suggesting more of the same could be expected from a President Clinton.

There was more, a lot more including the moving of our embassy to Jerusalem, and it became apparent to those in attendance that Trump not only held a firm grasp of every issue but that he stood firmly with the Israeli people regarding every one of their concernss.  He even suggested that any deal with the Palestinians would first require a cessation of teaching hatred of the Jewish people in their schools and mosques.

By the end of his speech Trump had won the support of the crowd as evidenced by the numerous standing ovations that they rewarded him with both during and afterwards.