VIA| I think we’re all aware politicians are some of the most hypocritical people on the planet.

We reported in 2014 on the case of Leland Yee, a Democrat State Senator in California. At the time, he was facing accusations of conspiracy to deal firearms and wire fraud (in what was part of a larger investigation into a gang member who goes by the nickname “Shrimp Boy”). He was able to casually walk an undercover FBI agent through the steps of how to obtain illegal firearms from Muslim separatist groups in the Philippines.

Oh, and did we mention that he’s one of the state’s strongest gun control advocates?

Well, it turns out that the story wasn’t too good to be true – it’s just true. To quote from BizPacReview:

Ex-California State Senator, pro-gun control advocate Leland Yee was sentenced Tuesday to five years in prison and fined $20,000 for political corruption for, you guessed it, gun trafficking and extortion.

Yee pleaded guilty in July of 2015 to racketeering charges that including the crimes of bribery, gun smuggling and malfeasance for accepting nearly $40,000 in bribes for political favors.

U.S. District Judge Charles Breyer was unforgiving on the highbinder because of his egregious infidelity as a public servant: “I don’t feel I can be lenient. The crimes you have committed were essentially an attack on a democratic institution.”

The 67-year-old senator seemed to acknowledge his desecration of American institutions and offices, stating, “I have taken full responsibility for my actions. I have accepted and understand the crimes I have committed.”

Yee now has five years to reflect on the fact that gun control clearly doesn’t keep firearms out of criminals’ hands.