Border Patrol Just Found PROOF That ISIS IS HERE, Every American NEEDS TO SEE THIS …

VIA| Once again our vulnerable U.S. borders are exposed, and this time by a group of men from the Middle East.

Folks, it isn’t news that our southern border is incredibly easy to get through. These days it seems as though people just walk on through without any screening process in place, and we don’t know who they are.

Last week, border patrol agents apprehended five Pakistani nationals, and one Afghan national. The agents were tipped off by sensors in Arizona that detected the presence of these men.

Agents said that their records showed no “derogatory information” about the men, and they have since been taken into federal custody. The men were being led by two smugglers when agents found them.

This isn’t the first time we’ve had people from that part of the world try to sneak in. Last week alone we saw this on multiple occasions.

The longer the United States waits to fix this problem the worse things are going to get. If a couple of guys from Pakistan were able to sneak right on through our borders, what’s to say when groups like ISIS aren’t already doing it?